CT038-3-2: COVID -19 Vaccine Registration System Vaccines are one of the methods for us to curb the pandemic and one of the best ways to protect our society: object oriented development with java Coursework, AUT, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (AUTI)
Subject CT038-3-2: object oriented development with java

1.0 Course Work Title

COVID -19 Vaccine Registration System

2.0 The Course Work Title Overview & Description

Vaccines are one of the methods for us to curb the pandemic and one of the best ways to protect our society from COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, various efforts have been carried out globally to develop COVID-19 vaccines. The Special Committee for ensuring access to COVID-19 vaccine supply was established to ensure timely access to the supply of COVID-19 vaccines for the country.

As such, you are commissioned to develop a window system that simulates the process of accessing the supply of COVID-19 vaccine involving real-world objects such as personnel members, people, vaccines, appointments and vaccination centres, to name a few. The people either citizens or non-citizens should be able to register for vaccination in the system.

Also, the system should allocate access to vaccines for people via appointment. In addition, the system should be GUI-driven with options for functional scenarios. As an object-oriented programming student, you are required to identify the domain objects and the relationships and develop the necessary data attributes or methods needed to fulfil the requirements.

In this assignment, a report document is mandatorily required to reflect the solution design and the implementation details along with code snippets that employ object-oriented programming concepts.

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The following are the basic requirements that illustrate the scenario.

Login Access:

Your program should have two types of access rights such as People (citizens/non-citizens) and Personnel of the special committee for access to covid19 vaccine supply

Personnel Of The committee:
Personnel should have access to the following functionalities:

  • Citizens/Non-citizens people (Register/ Modify/ View/ Search)
  • Manage vaccination appointments for registered people (Add/ Remove/ Modify/ View/Search)
  • Supply of covid19 vaccines at the centre (Add/ Remove/ Modify/ View/ Search)

People (Citizens/Non-citizens): People should have access to the following functionalities:

  • Register to the vaccination programme (Register/Modify/View)
  • Submit vaccination appointment (Register/Cancel/View)
  • View Vaccination status (View/Search)

In solution design, you are required to

  • Identify the various attributes needed for describing the entity.
  • Identify and include the necessary methods.
  • Check duplication of records.
  • State any valid/logical assumptions for functional requirements to reach the
    object-oriented design concepts.

3.0 Objective Of Coursework

Develop the practical ability to describe, justify, and implement an Object-oriented system.

4.0 Learning Outcomes

At the end of this coursework, you should be able to:

  • Implement a software application that exploits the strength of the object-oriented paradigm (C6, PL02)
  • Demonstrate the use of object-oriented concepts and their functionalities in the existing system (A3, PL05)

5.0  Type

Group Assignment (2 in a group); Each member is expected to complete 50% of the functional requirements.

6.0 General Requirement

  • The program submitted should compile and be executed without errors.
  • Validation for input should be done for each entry from the users to avoid logical errors.
  • The implementation code must highlight the use of object-oriented programming concepts as required by the solution.
  • Students should use text files for storing and retrieving data required for the system.
  • Not allowed to use any database tools like access/oracle etc.

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