Choose 3 cryptocurrencies from the list that you think can become important cryptocurrencies in the future: Information System Management Report, UTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Subject Information System Management

Choose 3 cryptocurrencies from the list that you think can become important cryptocurrencies in the future. You can include a graph, statistic or any information to support your answer.

Write your report based on this guideline:

1. History of it

2. Features of it

3. How to buy it

4. Do you recommend investing in it

5. Future of cryptocurrency

6. Any Challenges in implementing this for Malaysia?

7. Impact of Cryptocurrency for MIS.

Use examples or any references to support your arguments Although essay format is NOT required, your grade will reflect your ability to effectively communicate using proper grammar (use Grammarly), spelling, sentence structure and citations.

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