CDCT2203: This assignment aims to evaluate the learner’s knowledge by discussing the impact of ICT on the public and assessing: Information Technology and Environment Assignment, OUM, Malaysia


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CDCT2203: Information Technology and Environment

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This assignment aims to evaluate the learner’s knowledge by discussing the impact of ICT on the public and assessing the learner’s digital skills by using specific software.

Tugasan ini bertujuan untuk menilai pengetahuan pelajar dengan membincangkan kesan ICT kepada orang ramai dan menilai kemahiran digital pelajar dalam menggunakan perisian tertentu.


In this modern-day age, Information Technology (IT) plays a big role. However, if you’re not in the field of IT, you might not know just how IT touches your life. IT plays a role in several different fields such as education, business, healthcare, finance, transportation, and many more. IT is the use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. This can include the use of software, hardware, applications and so much more.

(a). Do research about IT in e-commerce. Then discuss the information which contains the following requirements:

(b). How does it play role in e-commerce in Malaysia? Justify your answer with appropriate examples.

  • Identify TWO examples of IT applications in e-commerce(e.g.; Lazada application) that YOU have used before. Discuss YOUR experience of using these applications. The discussions have to be from YOUR own experience (DO NOT copy from other sources), which include of:
  • Introduction and background of the application. Support with a diagram, screenshots, or illustration.
  • What were the TWO reasons why you used the application?
  • The software, hardware, device, or connectivity(Internet) required


Based on your essay in Question 1, prepare a presentation slide using Google Slides. Use the OUM account/email to create the Google Slide. You are free to decide on the theme of the presentation slides. However, it MUST contain TEN slides, easy and exciting to read and relevant media. Download the slide and save it as a PDF version.

You MUST copy your Google Slides link and paste it into YOUR ESSAY, and upload the PDF version of the slide via the assignment submission system. Please ensure the copied link is valid and accessible.

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