As the Head of the Investment Analysis team of Am Global Investment Fund, you have to plan your investment: Financial Investment Assignment, TARC, Malaysia


Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)

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Individual Assignment


Financial Investment

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Assignment 1 

 As the Head of the Investment Analysis team of AmGlobal Investment Fund, you have to plan your investment. The pandemic is around the globe for almost two years. There are so many investment opportunities available, and some companies are not able to manage their company’s financial wellness. Your team is required to analyze the company’s financial statements

Question 1

According to what you have learned from financial and investment planning, using the latest financial reports of the listed company, compared, analyze, and comment on the company’s financial position (the point of comparison should be shown). Critically evaluated and justify the company’s financial health and your opinions on improving it

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Question 2

 Download two years (2019 and 2020) stock price of the company, using the data:

  1. Plot the stock price of the companies
  2. Do a descriptive analysis of the stock price
  3. Do a descriptive analysis of the stock return
  4. Do a descriptive analysis of the stock return risk of the companies

Critically analyze, compare, and evaluated what are the differences between the two years of the company’s stock price performance. Justify your opinions or comments and outcomes you can draw from, with a short discussion only for each point.

Question 3

 Capital weighted allocation and estimate probabilities for each economic scenario would affect the expected return of an investment, The expected returns in different economic scenarios

  • Compute the expected return of each economic scenario if you are to invest RM 3,000 in the bond market and RM 5000 in the stock market.
  • Compute and critically evaluate your new capital allocation strategies that could create more profit in different economic scenarios.

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