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Term Paper Questions:

1. “Evaluating the Transition from Traditional HRM to SHRM: Challenges and Opportunities”
Explore how companies transition from traditional HRM to SHRM.
Analyze the key challenges they face in this transition and the opportunities it presents for better aligning business goals with human resource management.

2. “Global SHRM Strategies: Balancing Local Adaptation and Global Integration”
Investigate how global businesses apply SHRM strategies across diverse markets.
Discuss the balance between adapting to local market needs and maintaining a coherent global HR strategy, focusing on recruitment, employee relations, performance evaluation, and remuneration.

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3. “Workplace Flexibility and Performance: A SHRM Perspective”
Analyze the role of workplace flexibility (like flex time, telecommuting, job sharing) in SHRM.
Evaluate how these flexible practices impact employee performance and organizational goals.

Guidelines for Formatting and Preparing the Term Paper:
1. Formatting:
Use Arial font, size 11.
Ensure the document is 1.5 spaced.
Include page numbers and a header with your name and student ID.
Use APA style for citations and references.

2. Structure:
Begin with an introduction that outlines the main argument or thesis.
Organize the main body into sections with clear headings.
Conclude with a summary of findings and implications for future research or practice.

3. Content:
Incorporate theories and concepts from your course materials.
Use examples and case studies to illustrate key points.
Critically analyze and discuss, rather than merely describing concepts.
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4. Plagiarism and Originality:
Ensure your work is original. Avoid excessive quotations; paraphrase where possible.
Cite all sources accurately.
Aim for a Turnitin Plagiarism Similarity report of not more than 20%.

5. Submission:
Proofread your paper for spelling and grammatical errors.
Submit your term paper by the deadline: 21 April 2024.
Include a cover page with the term paper title, your name, course title, and submission date.

6. Research and Analysis:
Employ a mix of academic and practical sources.
Critically evaluate sources for relevance and reliability.
Provide a balanced view, considering different perspectives.

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