Develop a spreadsheet model and use it to find the project’s NPV, IRR, and payback period. Conduct sensitivity analysis to determine: Accounting and Finance Management Assignment, UM, Malaysia

University Universiti Malaya (UM)
Subject Accounting and Finance
  • Develop a spreadsheet model and use it to find the project’s NPV, IRR, and payback period.
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis to determine the sensitivity of NPV to changes in the sales price, variable costs per unit, and the number of units sold. Set these variables’ values at 10% and 20% above and below their base-case values. Include a graph in your analysis.
  • Conduct a scenario analysis. Assume that there is a 30% probability that best-case conditions, with the sales price, number of units sold, variable costs per unit, and fixed cost are 20% better than its base-case value. There is a 30% probability of worse-case conditions, with the variable 20% worse than the base value. The base-case condition is assumed to have a 40% probability. What would be the project’s coefficient of variation NPV?
  • If the project appears to be more or less risky than an average project, find its risk-adjusted NPV, IRR, and payback.
  • On the basis of the information in the problem, would you recommend that the project be accepted?

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