BACS2013 Management Information System Year 2 Assignment Questions: TARC, Malaysia


Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)

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Individual Assignment


Management Information System

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Assignment Questions
Answer the following questions:

Q1. Explain any TWO (2) (*) challenges or issues in implementing Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS) innovations in the manufacturing industry.

Q2.  Discuss any TWO (2) (*) ethical, and social issues in the e-business/e- e-commerce sector due to the implementation and/or usage of information technologies.

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You are strongly advised to use references from recognized materials such as published journals, books, conference papers, etc. to complete the paper. Do not use unverified sources, such as Wikipedia, blogs, etc.

Provide at least (minimum) FOUR (4) references for each question. Students are encouraged to refer to more references to understand the issues clearly. Indicate the references contributed by individual students.

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