An SME with 92 full-time employees involved in providing manufactured parts to wholesalers wants to transform to Industrial Revolution: Managing Organization Assignment, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Managing Organization

Scenario 1

An SME with 92 full-time employees involved in providing manufactured parts to wholesalers wants to transform to Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 within 2-3 years. Review the scenario and provide appropriate solutions to help the SME transform to IR4.0 at ZERO costs. Does your recommendation relate to any theory? why or why not?

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Scenario 2

A leader found it challenging to collaborate with team members who are located in different parts of the world. Provide solutions to the leader based on your own work experience on HOW to enhance collaboration and strengthen solidarity within the Team. Can traditional teamwork theories apply to such a scattered, global and diverse team? why or why not?

Scenario 3

An electronics component and industrial oil distribution company have plans to improve sales by 20% in 2022. It aimed to enhance the current Online presence within its website to strengthen SEO for the company. However, it does not wish to provide any budget for the enhancement. The customers must be large multinational companies from European Union, The USA, Australia, or Canada. The company does not wish to go into Asian multinationals as these companies are not willing to pay a  premium price for
high-quality products and are weak paymasters, often dragging payment terms up to 120 or 180 days. Use the template provided to prepare the 2022 Business Plan for the company taking into consideration the company’s focus and requirements. Justify the recommendations in the plan realistically.

Scenario 4

Why 80% or more of Malaysian companies (not multinationals) are still using SWOT analyses that had become outdated and did not use the VUCA analyses that defined the current global business environment in the strategic management plan? Why more than 80% of Malaysian companies (not multinationals) are not willing to change to adopt better internal management tools such as COSO, McKinsey 7S, OKR, Lead KPIs, BMC (business model canvas), and others? Why these companies are still using traditional, outdated methods and tools thus, caused Malaysia’s GDP and total business competitiveness to drop drastically and Vietnam had surpassed Malaysia now.

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