LAW483 Moral And Ethical Issues In law UITM Assignment Example

This course explores the way in which society’s moral values and ideals are being challenged. Topics include how Codes of Ethics have been promulgated, applied to specific situations, or delineate what ethical conduct looks like at workplaces across various industries (e.g., medicine).

This course promotes the development of social skills, teamwork and responsibilities, values ethics in law. It also helps you to understand how your actions can have an impact on others as well their perspectives – both good or bad.

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One of the most important takeaways from this class is the realization that there is no one right answer to ethical dilemmas. What might be considered the “correct” decision in one instance could be seen as completely abhorrent in another. Instead, what we strive for in these situations is a thoughtful and well-reasoned approach that takes into account the needs of everyone affected. This is a skill that makes a great lawyer, and will likely help in all your future endeavors as well!

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Assignment Brief 1: Discuss the laws and regulations that encompass moral and ethical principles and theories.

There are two basic categories for moral and ethical principles that dictate human behavior, the first is deontological or duty-based theories and the second is virtue-based or virtue ethics.

Deontological ethics maintain that morality depends upon fulfilling certain types of obligations; hence, these duties take precedence over our desires and interests. The best example might be the ten commandments because they make clear what we should do to keep ourselves on a moral path according to deontology. They posit absolute limits on our freedom that can’t be violated no matter how much it would otherwise seem necessary to have those limits set aside for some good goal attaching to an interest. In other words, our general obedience will enforce whatever sort of categorical imperative there needs to be in a situation, not the other way around.

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Virtue ethics, on the other hand, places a focus on developing good habits and character traits in order to become a good person overall. To do this, one looks at what kind of people exhibit admirable qualities like courage, generosity, or honesty and tries to emulate them. The idea is that we should strive to become the sort of people we want others to be and hope they’ll do the same.

Assignment Brief 2: Assess the contributions of ethicists.

Ethicists are philosophers who are interested in morality, or how people ought to live. An ethicist’s contribution to society is usually based on academic arguments, but an ethicist can also contribute by promoting ethical practices.

Contributions of ethicists are often overlooked. After all, they think about the big picture that we too often forget to consider because it’s not overt and bombastic like fashion, technology, and travel. They add things such as nuance and other methods such as philosophy or religion for how we should equate morality with ethics. All in respect, they supply us with a factual framework by which to do so while taken into consideration societal values.

Ethicists, like any good researcher, think outside the box of conventional wisdom. For example: the first real ethicist was Socrates , and he’s not known as a “philosopher” because he rationally and logically argued for his point of view on morality — but rather because we know him as a martyr…who drank poison after he was sentenced to death by the Athenian government for “corrupting the youth.” In other words, his ethical teachings (which ran counter to those of the popular culture and politicians of the day) got him killed.

Assignment Brief 3: Relate the ethical principles in the social, cultural, economics and political contexts to a given fact situation.

The ethical principle of autonomy dictates that an individual has the right to freely choose their own actions, as long as they don’t harm or interfere with the rights of others. In the social context, this would mean that people should be allowed to make their own choices regarding their personal relationships and appearance. In the cultural context, it would mean that people should be able to choose their own beliefs and values without interference from the government.

In the economic context, it would mean that people should be allowed to freely engage in economic transactions without interference from the government. And in the political context, it would mean that people should be able to choose their own leaders and representatives without interference from the government.

For example, in the social context you might choose to wear tattoos or piercings because it makes you feel attractive. However, most people would agree that if someone is required to wear them at work, then this represents interference with their autonomy.

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