ELC650 English For Professional Interaction Assignment UITM Example Malaysia

The course is designed to help students develop their interpersonal skills so they can focus on personal growth and development. Students are introduced to the language functions that are used in workplaces every day, like talking about oneself or how one feels when doing something without meaning it physically harm for example; there’s also terminology related with professional relationships such as “partner” which may not immediately come up but could be useful at some point. The course also offers an insight into Spanish culture, customs and traditions.

By the end of this course, students will have acquired essential communication skills for both professional and interpersonal settings. These include verbal communication abilities as well as nonverbal ones like body language or facial expression that convey emotion in conversation to help differentiate between different messages being sent by others on a variety topics such as politics, religion etc.

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Overall, the focus is on developing students’ interpersonal skills which will allow them to manage interactions with others in a positive manner. Students are encouraged by adopting a communicative approach when using languages and stressing that it’s important not just for their work but also other aspects such as self-expression or personal relationships .

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Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate social skills when maintaining interactions in the workplace.

There are many ways to keep an interaction in the workplace friendly. Here are some simple tips. 

1) Be a listener 

2) Share your thoughts and opinions with tact and diplomacy 

3) Show a genuine interest in the speaker 

4) Give praise for personal or professional successes when relevant or deserved – it builds up their ego but also shows they have done something right that you want them to do again so watch what you say.

5) Compliment people on their work – big things, little things, funny things, interesting tidbits- it makes them feel good, and it’s a little thing that can go a long way.

6) Avoid sarcasm – it can come across as mean-spirited, and no one wants to be around someone who is consistently negative

7) Be respectful of the speaker’s time – if they have to go, let them know in a polite way and don’t keep them from their work

8) Avoid gossiping – it’s unprofessional, and often, it’s just not interesting

9) Don’t monopolize the conversation – let others have a chance to speak

10) Take breaks when needed – if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, a quick break can help clear your head

11) Don’t bring up anything that could be considered “dirty laundry” in public – people may gossip about it behind your back, or they may misinterpret what you’re talking about.

12) Be yourself – don’t feel like you have to put on some act just to please others at work, treat them the same way you would your friends.

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Following these tips can help ensure that your workplace interactions are positive, productive, and enjoyable. And that’s definitely something to smile about.

Assignment Activity 2: Explain verbally critical incidents concerning interpersonal communication issues in the workplace and communicate ideas through clearly written email.

Verbal critical incidents concern the way someone speaks to another person. It might be an insult, a criticism, or even a bad joke. These types of incidents can damage relationships and disrupt communication within the workplace. They can also lead to misunderstandings and errors in communication.

In order to avoid verbal critical incidents, it is important to be aware of the ways in which we might communicate negatively with others. We should think about our words and tone before we speak, and always try to communicate with respect and understanding. It’s also important to remember that email is not always the best way to communicate complex ideas – sometimes a face-to-face conversation is necessary.

If you do experience a verbal critical incident, it is important to stay calm and try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. It might be helpful to apologize, or to ask the other person for their opinion on how to proceed. In some cases, it might be necessary to involve a supervisor or HR representative.

Assignment Activity 3: Display positive values and attitudes during professional interaction in the workplace.

It’s important to display positive values and attitudes during professional interactions in the workplace. By doing so, you’ll be setting an example for other employees and fostering a positive work environment. Additionally, you’ll likely be more productive and successful if you’re feeling happy and positive at work.

Some simple things that you can do to display positive values and attitudes in the workplace include smiling, being friendly and polite, keeping your voice down, not gossiping, and being patient with others. Remember that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, so try not to get angry or frustrated when someone does something that annoys you. Just calmly explain what the problem is and how it can be fixed. Finally, always stay positive even when things are tough – after all, that’s when your positive attitude will be the most helpful.

When it comes to displaying positive values and attitudes in the workplace, there are really no limits. Just be sure to be yourself, stay positive, and be respectful of others. By doing so, you’ll create a warm and welcoming work environment where everyone can succeed.

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