IMU253 Islamic Consumer Behaviour UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMU253 Islamic Consumer Behaviour course is an excellent learning opportunity for those interested in exploring how differences in faith, culture, and modern trends can shape the way we look at consumerism. It offers a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical insights required to understand what drives purchasing decisions within Muslim communities.

The course is designed to enable students to apply their notion of Islamic values in marketing, retailing, and advertising for a more holistic real-world experience. It is an ideal choice for those seeking to gain an understanding of this complex but increasingly important field of study.

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Here, let’s examine some of the various assignment activities available. They are as follows:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the principles of consumption in Islam.

In Islam, spending and consumption can be seen as moral obligations that those of the faith must adhere to. There are various principles that define this type of spending, including the promotion of charity as well as eliminating extravagance. Muslims should concentrate on purchasing that which is necessary for themselves and their families, whilst avoiding engaging in activities such as gambling or other acquisitions of wealth without cause. Although Islam does not prohibit material gain, it nevertheless encourages its followers to acquire wealth through lawful means and practice a frugal lifestyle.

Consumption in Islam should focus on basic necessities; accordingly, any buyer must be aware of the technology, features, or brand labels they are paying for in order to ensure they do not succumb to vanity purchases. Additionally, when buying goods or services it is important to keep in mind what benefits all people instead of just oneself.

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Assignment Activity 2: Explain the ethics of consumption.

The ethical implications of consumption are both broad and complex. From the production of goods to their disposal, the supply chain reveals a number of moral questions related to how we consume and what effects our choices have on society and resources. Responsible consumption can be defined as being mindful of everything from the way products are sourced, manufactured, and marketed to our impact on the environment when disposing of them, along with how much waste is generated in the process.

Making informed decisions, supporting sustainable practices, and reducing and recycling our waste in order to conserve resources are all key steps toward ethical consumption. By paying attention to where certain items come from, how they were produced and what impact their disposal has at an individual and macro level, we can make conscious choices with more far-reaching consequences than ever before.

Assignment Activity 3: Apply the best practices of Islamic consumption.

As a part of Islamic society, it is our collective responsibility to practice moderation in all aspects of life, including consumption. We can do this by evaluating the necessity of any purchase before making it, and by being mindful about how our decisions can affect others. Additionally, we should strive to reduce wastage as much as possible and respect the resources available for use. We must also consider the ethical implications of purchasing any item or service and take a stand accordingly. Finally, be sure to use what you have in the most efficient way possible – if it can help someone else you should definitely do so. By following these best practices we are able to lead a fulfilling yet socially responsible lifestyle that aligns with Islamic principles.

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