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ITS432 Database Design & Development UiTM Assignment Example Malaysia

This UiTM Assignment Sample is about database design and database development. The objective of this assignment is to provide an overview of different types of database design, as well as their differences and benefits. Additionally, it will cover some important topics that should be included when designing a database for…

Computer & It

STA610 SAS programming UiTM assignment example Malaysia

SAS programming is a type of coding that allows for the composition of large numbers of values (numbers) in a very small amount of time. It is used to help with various tasks, including financial analysis, data entry, and even mechanical work. SAS programming often uses spreadsheets to provide results…

Computer & It

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DSC790 Data science project UITM assignment example Malaysia

DSC790 Data science project UITM assignment example Malaysia, which is a course in data science that covers the methods and principles of data analysis. The course is designed to help students who want to become more efficient and proficient at data analysis. The purpose of this DSC790 - Data science…

Computer & It

CSC796 Web Information Security UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Information security is an important component of overall business practices. With the increasing use and availability on computer-based applications such as information systems, databases or Internet web sites it has become necessary for organizations not only protect their data but also themselves from any damages that may occur due to…

Computer & It

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DSC551 Programming For Data Science UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The data science course is designed for those who have an interest in the field of analytics and want to learn more about how it works. You'll be able to start with one or two topics, but eventually you will need some experience before entering this profession - so make…

Computer & It

CSC799 Usability Engineering UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Usability engineering is the study of designing interfaces that are easy to use. These methods can be applied at any stage in software development, and they're especially useful when it comes time for developing Web-based systems like websites or apps on your phone--which most people interact with every day! In…

Computer & It

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CSC783 Component Based Software Engineering UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Building large scale systems is difficult. Fortunately, we now have the ability to configure these from a federation of software components that can improve quality and speed up time-to market by reducing development costs while maintaining flexibility for future changes in requirements A system can be built using either traditional…

Computer & It

CSC782 Software Quality UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Structured and systematic discipline of software quality engineering is introduced to students in this course. The focus lies on how best practices can be applied from both requirements & development phases, including inspection tooling as well testing strategies for all aspects related with it--including metrics measurement techniques! This was designed…

Computer & It

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CSC780 Parallel Processing UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The course teaches you about parallel computing and its various aspects, including architectures for ice-like computers that can execute multiple tasks at once. You'll learn how to optimize your code so it takes full advantage of this new technology in order to get better performance than ever before! By the…

Computer & It

DSC652 Big Data Applications And Issues UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Big Data is a hot topic in today's world. This course will teach you about the essentials of Big Data Applications and give insight on how it can be applied for various purposes, including increased productivity or scientific breakthroughs! You'll also learn state-of -the art techniques that are being adopted…

Computer & It

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CSC779 Special Topic (Intelligent Systems) Assignment Example UITM Malaysia

The Research Project is a course that allows students to get started on their research projects for next semester. The objectives of this class are two-fold: providing individual study in computer science areas not covered by regular classes under supervision from an experienced lecturer, and helping you develop skills necessary…

Computer & It

CSC793 Virtual Environment UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

This course will introduce students to the main concepts and practical issues in constructing virtual environments (VE), how people respond when they're inside one, what it means for an environment or experience being immersive. We'll focus on technical aspects like multisensory perception; there's also some overlap with design topics because…

Computer & It
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