ITS432 Database Design & Development UiTM Assignment Example Malaysia

This UiTM Assignment Sample is about database design and database development. The objective of this assignment is to provide an overview of different types of database design, as well as their differences and benefits. Additionally, it will cover some important topics that should be included when designing a database for database development: normalization, version control, and database security.

The UiTM database design assignments are provided to help students understand the basic concepts of database design and development. The UiTM Database Design Assignment is generally a short task, which requires students to create a simple database that could be useful for their everyday work. The following example will show how students can use this UiTM assignment to practice their skills in designing and developing database applications.

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The ITS432 database design & development UiTM assignment example is a task that requires your attention. It is important that the task be completed in a secure and reliable manner, so that you can complete your work successfully. The achievement of this assignment will help you develop your business skills and improve your skills in terms of coding and design. You will also have learned about the importance of security and privacy.

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate an understanding on database fundamental concepts, design and development.

A database is a collection of data in computer memory. Every database consists of more than one table that has columns and rows. Tables are arranged into logical groups called the database schema. Data is stored in columns, each column is assigned a name and a data type. Columns are organized into tables by creating relationships between them. Data can be stored in more than one table at the same time, and multiple tables can be joined together to form a single virtual table.

Database systems are used to store, search and retrieve data. Database systems are usually organized in hierarchies where each level has a number of database objects (e.g., tables, views, sequences) that provide the elements needed to manage the data (e.g., records). The database system exposes its functionality through an interface called a database access language (DAL) that is used by the application program to interact with the database. The DAL allows you to define which operations can be performed on which objects (e.g., create, read, update, delete). The DAL may also provide a way for multiple applications to access and manipulate the same data simultaneously through shared resources such as locks and transactions.

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Assignment Activity 2: Construct database structure and queries using database management system (DBMS) language.

The database management system (DBMS) is the heart of any data processing system. A DBMS is a software that processes data, provides business applications such as accounting, finance, inventory control and so on. It is responsible for creating, maintaining and managing a database containing information and it provides access to that information through various methods. In this chapter, we will learn how to create and maintain databases using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

The construction of a database from scratch is often a difficult task.DBMS queries can be easily behavioral analysis of digital content has shown that there are various patterns that endure across different forms of digital media. These patterns can be used to generate predictions for future events, activities, and results. For example, the person’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, and interests could all be predicted by analyzing their digital content.

Assignment Activity 3: Present idea in verbal and written form related to database design and development.

The present idea in verbal and written form is often related to the database design and development. In many circumstances, it may be desired to have data stored in a consistent manner for various uses; this is why present ideas in verbal and written form so frequently are desired. Often, the desire for such storage or retrieval is based on need or want-to-be-a bleed with regards to the use of those materials.

In the present day, it is necessary to have a written and oral system for databases. This will be done by writers who are able to write dull stories while computers read deep books and learn languages. The current process of writing down information will be changed by the use of computers which will allow for more accurate recording and delivery of information. Informal conversations can suddenly become formal because of this change in format.

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