CSC305 Programming Paradigms Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC305- Programming Paradigms Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This assignment sample provides students with the tools necessary for understanding, evaluating, and creating future programming languages. Students will not only be able to understand existing or past languages but also create new ones! In this course, students will learn about what makes a language expressive as well as some of its shortcomings; how various design decisions shape the way people program in that particular language; and how different implementations can reflect many divergent choices from type systems to performance optimizations.

The course provides students with the tools for critical evaluation of existing and future programming languages. Among fundamental concepts that will be discussed in this course are structures, syntax, linguistic analysis, and formal descriptions.

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Assignment Solutions For CSC305 Programming Paradigms UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
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Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the principles in programming language design and concepts in programming paradigms

This assignment sample explains the principle in programming language design and concepts in programming paradigms,

Programming paradigms are a way of categorizing programming languages. They usually try to represent common concepts and techniques found in many different languages, or with definitions vague enough that they avoid applying to any particular one.

A programming paradigm is a combination of two things:

  • The mathematical abstraction that it uses; and
  • Some features of how to use it. The consequence of defining programming paradigms this way, however, is that programmers could violate principles in either category without violating anything less abstract about the actual language design or concepts.

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Assignment Task 2: Manipulate each programming paradigms using programming tools

This assignment sample discusses programming tools, Answer:
Programming tools for languages can assist in the manipulation of different paradigms. For example, if you are working with a language that supports functional programming, then consider compiling code with instrumented analysis to view any function calls and arguments that the function accepts/returns. This type of tool can provide a programmatic view of the behavior of your application.
Ultimately it comes down to whether or not a particular paradigm or library is well-supported by your chosen programming environment(s). Scala’s immutable collections allow easy one-line transformations on data – making them an ideal fit for pure functional programs. On the other hand, Python’s mutable list feature makes heterogeneous lists very readable and understandable.

Assignment Task 3: Explain systematically the characteristics of the programming paradigms

This assignment sample explains characteristics of programming paradigms, A programming paradigm describes how a problem is represented or solved. A paradigm includes associated techniques that are the ways to formulate programs in a particular sense of the word “programming,” and also stipulates what type of problems can be addressed with this approach. For example, one manner for constructing computer programs is to provide step-by-step operations for manual calculation (often used in most early examples).

Hence the paradigms are classified by combinations of these factors.
The following list contains some major paradigms from an array of disciplines carried out over centuries – starting with the lowest level and moving towards those which involve higher cognitive functions: Algorithmic, Commonsense Reasoning, Dataflow Programming, Engineering

Characteristics of each paradigm:
1) Procedural programming
2) Dataflow programming
3) Object-oriented programming
4) Functional Programming
5) Asynchronous

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The above assignment sample is based on CSC305- Programming Paradigms Assignment UITM Malaysia.

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