CSC119 Fundamentals of Computer Science Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This assignment sample provides students with an overall understanding of what’s going on inside that box! They’ll learn how to store information from input, retrieve it later for output; explore major components like CPU/RAM and storage devices such as hard drives & DVD-ROMs. For example: have you ever wondered why some games get loading screens when they start up – this is because these game files need to be read into memory so they can run efficiently without crashing all the time.

CSC119- Fundamentals of Computer Science is an introductory course in Computer Science, the study and application of computers. This course covers a range of topics from programming languages to hardware architecture to data compression algorithms.

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Assignment Brief Of  CSC119- Fundamentals of Computer Science UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Describe the concept and components of computers and communication and also the data manipulation on digital circuit

This assignment sample explains the concept of computer and communication and data manipulation in digital circuits. A computer is a machine that doesn’t just compute. It computes complicated sets of instructions, many involving mathematical operations. Computers can also work with text and pictures as well as prohibit the storage of large amounts of data.

Communication on the other hand often refers to communication via written or spoken words, including both personal interaction and long-distance communications.

Difference between computers and communication:

  •  Computers process data input through electric pulses and carry out computations according to given instructions, in order to generate something or solve a problem.
  • Communication is an interactive process that involves oral contact either face-to-face or over longer distances via audio equipment such as wireless phones or satellite broadcastings.

The data manipulation on the digital circuits is used to manipulate, store, and transmit information from any other form of electric energy like sound waves.

To perform the manipulation of this data, multiplexers or switches are commonly used. In essence, they do the same thing – they control whether 0 or 1 is output – but there are differences in their usage that depend on what type of circuit design you want. Multiplexers are used when you need to switch from input A to B independently of what’s coming in through input C and depending on some other factor.

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Assignment Activity 2: Follow the use of current business software for various applications in the industry

This assignment example elaborates how the use of current business software for various applications in the industry. There are many applications for business software, such as accounting, project management, and analytics. With the current saturation of these programs, it is important to find a solution that addresses your specific needs and aligns with your budget.
In order to help you decide on a program, here is an overview of the potential benefits of each application in these categories:

  • Accounting – Easily track revenue and costs related to the application area.
  • Six Sigma Project Management – Monitor deliverables against deadlines using visual tools like Gantt charts.
  • Analytics – Leverage Predictive Analytics Apps to predict future outcomes like churn before they happen (useful when making decisions about which customers/areas).
  • Financial Reporting Tools- Reduce cost from auditing services

Business software designed to increase efficiency and productivity can be used for tasks such as project scheduling, task management, issue tracking, reporting, risk management, and solving collaboration challenges.

Assignment Activity 3: Analyse the concept of data representation and manipulation on digital circuit

In this assignment example, students will analyze the concept of data representation and manipulation in digital circuits. Electronic components, such as microprocessors are made up of millions of electronic circuits. The availability of high voltage (on) in these circuits is interpreted as ‘1’ while a low voltage (off) is interpreted as 0′. This concept can be compared to switching on and off an electric circuit. When the switch is closed, the high voltages cause the light bulb to go on(or ‘ 1′ state).

However, when it’s open, the bulbs turn off or into their “0” state which has been seen before by comparing it with turning switches on and off for power supply.

The manipulation of data in a digital circuit is done by using diodes and resistors to limit the amount of current.

By limiting the level of current, the electrons don’t have enough energy to cause electrons’ interference with each other, thus providing reliable circuit switching that doesn’t disturb or corrupt information transmission. These circuits are called unity gain operational amplifiers because they amplify signals without increasing their amplitude beyond what was input into them. Unity gain refers to adding no value to a number when performing mathematical operations on it.

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The above assignment sample is based on CSC119- Fundamentals of Computer Science.

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