CSC434- Computer Essential and Applications Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC434- Computer Essential and Applications Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This course aims to provide a fundamental understanding of computers in an engaging way that builds on the knowledge and skills learned from previous courses. Students will learn how information is stored, processed, and transmitted through computer systems by gaining hands-on experience with hardware components such as CPUs; software programs including word processors, spreadsheets for composing graphs or reports; programming languages used to create interactive applications like video games or web browsers.

Besides learning about the basics of computing from a personal point-of?view students also have opportunities to explore current trends providing them with the essential knowledge required not only for high school but college-level education too.

Assignment Brief Of CSC434- Computer Essential and Applications UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Comprehend the concept, components, and processing of computer, communication, security, and ethics in the industry

This assignment sample will explain the concept and components of the industry. The purpose of a computer is to take in input, process that input, and output the result. The input could be through a keyboard or mouse, or images through a camera attached to the machine. Output could come in various forms- in small amounts from liquid crystal displays that show information on the screen; as sound from speakers; or as light from an LCD projector.
One of the major components of a computers’ processing is its RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it works alongside newly opened programs to speed up their processes. Another component is hard drive storage, which stores new data when you save things like digital pictures or word documents on your computer. And much of the power in a computer comes from its central processor chip, which runs every program and sends information back and forth between components like the graphics card or keyboard sensor.

Assignment Activity 2: Follow the use of current business software for various applications in the industry

This assignment example will briefly discuss some features of the current business software, luscious.

luscious is a cloud-based accounting system that offers small businesses peace of mind and saves time. With numerous add-ons, it’s compatible with a variety of uses. For example, there are point-of-sale modules to allow for inventory management and customer relations exploration tools to draw insight from data. This saves accountants time from manual work that must be performed each month to quantify store performance like performing foot traffic reports for retail stores or calculating fuel costs on an E&O policy in the insurance industry. Luscious also has interconnected planning features such as forecasting, time releases schedules, and budgeting functions which helps the finance department.

Assignment Activity 3: Justify the current issues in computer, communication technologies, and security in the industry

This assignment sample will discuss the issues related to security. Similar to trends in security, the number of cybercrime incidents over the last few decades has grown; and as time has gone on, so too have the sophistication and severity of these attacks. The number can be attributed to many different factors but stems mostly from a fundamental shift in computing attitudes—a change from closed systems that provided protection from data theft and tampering with security measures built into the architecture of a system to open systems where anyone who is online can access anything that is stored on computers linked into networks.

This leaves computer users greatly vulnerable because they no longer control access to their personal information stored on remote servers and disks accessible by others through open networks. These risks increase as more people store sensitive information onto computers connected to international networks without any encryption.

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