CSC430 Computer Programming and Applications Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC430- Computer Programming and Applications Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This course is an intensive program for people who want to become computer programmers. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and principles of a programming language, which are necessary in order to understand how one creates software programs that run on computers via code written by humans.

The goal of this assignment sample is to provide a foundation for future study in computing, as well as an understanding of how computers work and their applications. Students will be introduced to problem-solving skills that are essential across many disciplines. Topics covered include using binary numbers, data representation with ASCII characters (characters, strings), input and output from files, sorting algorithms (bubble sort), and reading information from databases with SQL queries.

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Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Identify basic elements of programming languages (such as C++ /Java/Visual Basic) that are valid syntactically

Answer: Syntactically valid C++ includes significant indentations (with the aim of making code more readable) and uses an “end” statement to finish a block. It is one type of the many programming languages known by their ASCII acronym such as Java, Visual Basic, Go, etc.

Syntactic correctness is both granular enough and generalized enough to include broad paradigms like object-oriented and functional programming. This means that code written in any style will pass these tests for syntactic correctness. C++ may use keywords such as int and bool or variables like x or though it even defines simple-to-parse keywords like auto or using (though it does allow some special cases).

The basic elements of programming languages include syntactically legal statements. The syntax is the agreement on which string of characters constitutes a “sentence” that expresses one or more logical actions. Syntrangement, in contrast, refers to rules for putting those syntactic units together into a larger program.

For example, does it matter where I type in my if statement? If I open a bracket before and after the statement or not? Those are syntactical rules; they specify what strings constitute valid expressions or sentences in those languages and how we should combine them with other expressions and sentences to form larger programs.

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Assignment Task 2: Construct an application using control structures and functions in the proposed solution

Control Structures are the building blocks of computer programs. They enable a program to “take decisions” and follow one path or another. A program is usually not limited to linear sequences of instructions since it may bifurcate, repeat code, or bypass sections during its process.

The basic control  structure in a programming language are:

  1. Conditionals- Conditionals are expressions that require a condition to be met in order for an outcome. The statement can only execute if the condition is true, and will not happen again when it becomes false. It includes if, if-else, nested if-else.
  2. Loops- Loops or iteration is used when a statement needs to be repeated over and over again. One example of this is that we often find loops in games, where the game will repeat an action until you have won it. It includes for, while, and do-while.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate a team for developing an application by applying problem-solving techniques

Techniques to solve problems can be essential in team development. These are some of the most important techniques in a problem-solving scenario:

  1. Learn about the problem
  2.  Figure out where the problem is, or what kind of solution will work best
  3. Gather information needed for solutions that work best given your knowledge of the problem and where the problem is located/occurs
  4. Readily come up with a lot of solutions from which to choose from, or develop an effective solution by thinking outside the box if necessary
  5. Prioritize solutions in order to figure out what solution will work best.

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The above assignment sample is based on CSC430- Computer Programming and Applications.

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