ARK540 Design Drewing II Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

The ARK540 Design Drawing II course is sure to be an exciting and challenging opportunity to hone your design drawing skills. This advanced course builds on the fundamentals of design drawing essentials, going deeper into topics such as perspective and orthographic projection.

You’ll learn how to create intricate drawings using traditional tools like pens, pencils, and markers, as well as digital techniques such as CAD modeling programs. Whatever your area of interest or expertise in design drawing, this course promises to strengthen your knowledge base and give you a helpful edge for all your future endeavors.

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Here, we present some tasks to complete. These involve:

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate the methods and formats of architectural working drawings.

Architectural working drawings provide an excellent method for architects to communicate their designs with stakeholders, contractors, and end-users. Working drawings are typically developed using 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) programs that allow for a logical and organized approach to the design process. These drawings include detailed notes, dimensions, and scales to ensure accuracy and clear communication of the design intent, as well as sectional views, cross sections, and foundation plans clearly illustrating elements such as columns, walls, and floors.

The 10 primary drawing categories used when developing plans include Site Plans, Floor Plans, Spot Heights/Marked Elevations, Plot Plans/Plot Details, Exterior Elevations, Interior Elevations/Detail Elevations, Sections & Through Views, Cabinet Layouts/Details & Schedules, Doors & Windows Plans/Elevations and Finishes/Reflected Ceilings plans. Taken together these represent an effective format for the professional representation of architectural working drawings.

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Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate drafting skills through exercises based on a relatively moderate-scaled building.

Drafting exercises that focus on a relatively moderate-scaled building can be an invaluable source of knowledge for aspiring architects. These exercises also present a great opportunity for practitioners to enhance their drawing and spatial comprehension abilities. By replicating the floor plans, sections, elevations, etc. of existing small commercial buildings or houses on paper, one can enhance his/her comprehension of the basics of drafting such as understanding projections and scale thereby gaining a deeper understanding of architectural theory and practice. With patience and dedication, these drafting skills gained through such effective exercises will open the door to a world of possibilities in architectural design.

Assignment Activity 3: Construct a set of working drawings and detailed drawings of a simple building.

When constructing a set of working and detailed drawings of a simple building, it is important to consider all aspects of the building that need to be documented. This includes the size, shape, and materials used in its construction as well as any accessories or additions. It is also important to document existing features found around the site such as existing walkways and landscape features. These components must be included in all drawings so that they can be accurately reproduced on-site when it comes time to build the structure. With careful planning, thoughtful design, and precise measurements, a set of working drawings and detailed drawings can be created for any simple building project.

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