AMT709 Research Methodology Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

AMT709 Research Methodology is an essential tool for students of all academic backgrounds. It provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of research design and analysis, leading to the development of skills for effective and rigorous investigations into any given topic.

In this course, students will be exposed to varied methods of inquiry, set-up, and implementation of empirical studies, data collection techniques, valid interpretation, and application of results. Through rigorous instruction and hands-on practice, AMT709 Research Methodology instills critical thinking abilities that are applicable both inside and outside the classroom.

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In this section, we will explore various assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Understand and apply appropriate theoretical or practical research methodologies.

Applying appropriate research methodologies is a key step in constructing well-informed and effective projects that yield success. Knowing how to select the appropriate theoretical or practical research methodology requires an understanding of the objectives of the project and the possibilities afforded by each available strategy. An extensively researched and carefully considered approach must be taken to determine which strategies can provide the most accurate results, deepest insights, and highest returns. Through this combination of knowledge and critical analysis, we are able to identify the ideal research strategy for whatever project lies ahead.

Assignment Brief 2: Understand and apply qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods approach.

Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approaches can provide deep insight into the understanding of a certain phenomenon. Qualitative techniques involve interviewing and observation, whereas quantitative techniques involve the use of surveys and questionnaires to measure outcomes. On the other hand, a mixed methods approach combines both qualitative and quantitative techniques to provide a comprehensive understanding of the given phenomenon.

It is important to understand when and how to apply these approaches as they are geared towards different aspects of research. A successful researcher should be able to choose the right approach that best captures their findings and develops an effective strategy for data collection and analysis.

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Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate an understanding of research design with relevant research questions according to the topic selected.

To create a comprehensive research question that adequately addresses the selected topic, it is important to take into account various components of the research design. The first step is to define the scope and goal of the research project and then delineate specific objectives by outlining measurable variables. Equally essential is to provide an overview on past relevant research regarding the focus area of inquiry as well as develop hypotheses to guide the study.

Following this, researchers need to decide upon sampling techniques and select appropriate data collection methods that are methodologically sound and free from bias. Lastly, having outlined all facets of the research design, a robust set of questions must be compiled with clear relevance to all prior stages in order to ensure the successful completion of the endeavor.

Assignment Brief 4: Produce a scholarly research proposal.

Conducting effective scholarly research requires a well-crafted proposal. In this proposal, clear objectives should be specified and an appropriate methodology outlined. It is essential to establish the theoretical background for the research, including relevant theories, authors, and materials. This can help the researcher focus on their aims and build an argument to support their hypotheses. Furthermore, detailed timelines should be presented that cover everything from the collection of data to the publication of results.

A thorough assessment of potential methods and resources needed should also be included in the proposal to guarantee the efficient execution of the research project. Writing a convincing and comprehensive research proposal is fundamental for setting up a successful scholarly research project.

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