BSB705 Strategic And Risk Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB705 Strategic and Risk Management is the perfect course for any aspiring manager or entrepreneur looking to sharpen their skills. In this course, you will learn how to create a framework for making reliable decisions supported by analysis of current and future events. You will gain knowledge of risk management strategy and understand how to identify safety concerns in all types of scenarios.

Additionally, you will gain valuable insight into practicing an effective risk response action plan. These skills are essential in both professional and personal situations and ensure that you have the expertise to make practical decisions from your own experiences.

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In this segment, we will explore a few assignment outlines. These include:

Assignment Outline 1: Understand, develop, and apply knowledge and skill in the high-risk and dynamic environment of the industry by assessing factors leading to strategic decisions in strategic planning and risk management.

Strategic planning and risk management are invaluable skills for navigating the unpredictable demands of the industry. To effectively assess and make strategic decisions, it is necessary to understand and implement knowledge and techniques obtained through rigorous study. It is also paramount to develop aptitude in the assessment of individual and collective factors that can lead to productive or damaging outcomes. Through honing one’s ability to interpret environmental cues, an industry-savvy individual can spot danger, as well as opportunity, among changing circumstances and make educated bets for optimal success.

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Assignment Outline 2: Manage and integrate influencing factors leading to various management philosophies and techniques related to strategic and risk management.

Strategic and risk management are two essential components of any business or organization. Managers must strive to integrate adequate factors in order to develop an effective management philosophy that is comprehensive, comprehensive, and tailored to the long-term objectives of their organization. In order to achieve this, varying levels of influence must be taken into account such as legal controls, stakeholder interests, and the unique characteristics of the organization itself to name a few.

Strategies should also focus on aggressive return-on-investment plans that not only maximize profits but also ensure a risk-free environment for continued operation. Managers must undertake extensive analysis of potential risks and processes before implementation in order to craft strategies that add significant value and eliminate potential sources of failure or loss. With careful consideration of all these criteria, managers can ensure an ultrapractical and dependable strategy for their organizations.

Assignment Outline 3: Assess and justify suitable management philosophies for the management of change involving strategic planning, risk awareness, risk assessment and mitigating process and procedures.

When managing change in an organization, it is important to acknowledge the importance of strategic planning and risk awareness. This involves being aware of potential risks, assessing them, and implementing proper procedures and processes in order to mitigate that risks.

A suitable management philosophy for this undertaking could involve providing guidance and support to help staff refine their goals; involving everyone in the process, including those affected by the change; focusing on outcomes rather than outputs; using data-driven decision-making where applicable; value transparency by publicly displaying information related to change management decisions; and hold those involved accountable for their roles, while empowering them with the ability to do what is necessary. By adhering to such philosophies, an organization can create an open dialogue that reaps rewards both now and in the future by encouraging participation from all stakeholders.

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