BSB706 Facilities Planning And Management Of Building Fabric UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB706 Facilities Planning and Management of Building Fabric is an essential course for any aspiring operations manager. It focuses on the management of buildings, both in terms of practical operations as well as financial management. Students learn how to plan, design, maintain and upgrade infrastructure with respect to energy efficiency and professional reliability. They develop skills that enable them to provide cost-effective solutions to both corporations and domestic clients.

The knowledge attained during the course equips students with knowledge of building construction techniques, current technologies related to facilities management, forms of the mining as well as techniques to diagnose faults in buildings. This deep understanding helps form the foundation for a successful career in facilities planning and management.

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Here, we will outline some assignment activities, such as:

Assignment Activity 1: Apply and demonstrate strategic decision-making and corporate strategies related to assets of an organization, including re-location strategies.

As an organization matures, it is important to consider the strategic implications associated with assets. This includes leisurely re-location strategies, either to expand upon existing markets or to venture into new ones. Such strategies are not impulsive decisions and they must be carefully thought out and analyzed in order to maximize both investments of resources and potential returns.

Applying corporate strategies through strategic decision-making can then help an organization reach its maximum capacity for growth. It is imperative for organizations to understand the big picture before attempting any kind of relocation strategy; focusing on particular opportunities or markets could have long-term effects that are beneficial but also duplicitous if not handled correctly. With careful foresight, organizations can develop a corporate strategy that successfully makes use of re-location for growth and expansion.

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Assignment Activity 2: Design and produce space planning needs and interior design concepts, including aesthetics, ergonomics, building materials, methods and skills for construction including user health concerns.

Designing and producing interior space planning needs is an important part of any development project. Great emphasis must be placed on understanding the aesthetics and ergonomics most suitable for the task at hand, as well as selecting construction materials and methods that are both effective and long-lasting.

Of equal importance is understanding user health concerns that should be taken into account during the design process. Each of these aspects calls for specialist knowledge – from keen artistic vision to a thorough understanding of construction techniques – to ensure that the desired result is achieved in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Assignment Activity 3: Formulate and integrate contract, procurement options and labor management for direct and contract services related to premises for refurbishment maintenance and/or alteration proposals.

In order to ensure that all services related to premises refurbishment maintenance and/or alteration proposals are delivered in the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner possible, it is critical to have a well-thought out, integrated strategy for contracting, procurement, and labor management. This ensures that the process runs smoothly while delivering maximal cost savings.

By formulating and integrating contracts, procurement options, and labor management into any premises refurbishment proposal from the start of the project development plan, we can ensure that services are conducted with integrity and best practices throughout development. Doing so will also allow for streamlining of procurement procedures across multiple services as well as managing labor costs over time in order to achieve maximum value for each dollar spent.

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