AGR513 Agriculture Products Marketing Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

The AGR513 Agriculture Products Marketing course is here to help all agriculture professionals at any stage of their career learn effective marketing strategies for the industry. This class will provide the necessary tools and knowledge for those already working in the sector, as well as those looking to start a career in agricultural products marketing.

From essential concepts to data analysis techniques, participants will expand their set of aptitudes and learn principles from business and marketing theory that they can directly use in their jobs. The real-world content provided by this course includes lectures, readings, hands-on exercises, research projects, and many other activities. Don’t miss this chance to bring your skills up to date with the ever-evolving Agriculture Products Marketing field!

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Here, we have prepared a variety of assignment activities for you to choose from. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the roles, processes, functions, and systems of agricultural marketing and their contribution in agricultural economic development.

Agricultural marketing refers to the process of buying, selling, and distributing agricultural products. The roles, processes, functions, and systems of agricultural marketing are critical for the economic development of agriculture.

The roles of agricultural marketing include connecting farmers to consumers, providing information about prices and market trends, and facilitating the movement of goods from the farm to the marketplace.

The processes of agricultural marketing include the purchase of agricultural products from farmers, the storage, transportation, and distribution of these products, and the sale of these products to consumers.

The functions of agricultural marketing include price discovery, price stabilization, and risk management. Price discovery refers to the process of determining the price of agricultural products in the marketplace. Price stabilization refers to the actions taken to prevent excessive price fluctuations. Risk management refers to the actions taken to reduce exposure to potential financial losses.

The systems of agricultural marketing include the physical infrastructure, such as storage and transportation facilities, as well as the institutions and organizations that facilitate the buying, selling, and distribution of agricultural products, such as cooperatives, marketing boards, and private companies.

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Assignment Activity 2: Identify and comply with basic concepts and knowledge in the operation of efficient agricultural marketing system and various problems of agricultural marketing and characterise the marketing activities and values ethically, morally and professionally.

An efficient agricultural marketing system involves the coordination of various activities, such as production, processing, packaging, transportation, and distribution of agricultural products. It also involves effective communication between farmers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.

Problems in agricultural marketing can include lack of access to markets, low prices for farmers, lack of storage and transportation infrastructure, and lack of information about market conditions.

Marketing activities should be conducted ethically, morally, and professionally. This includes fair and honest dealings with customers, compliance with regulations and laws, and a commitment to sustainability.

Assignment Activity 3: Communicate and explain to marketers and agro based industry players on current issues on major national commodities.

There are a variety of current issues facing major national commodities, such as:

  • Low commodity prices: Many commodities, such as wheat and corn, have seen prices decline in recent years due to oversupply and weak demand. This can make it difficult for farmers and agro-based industries to turn a profit.
  • Climate change: Climate change is impacting weather patterns and crop yields, making it harder for farmers to predict and plan for the future. This can lead to crop failures and other challenges for agro-based industries.
  • Trade disputes: Trade disputes between countries can lead to tariffs and other barriers that make it difficult for agro-based industries to export their products. This can lead to a decrease in demand and lower prices for commodities.
  • Food safety concerns: Food safety concerns can lead to recalls and other issues that can damage the reputation of an agro-based industry. This can lead to decreased demand and lower prices.
  • Labor shortages: Labor shortages can make it difficult for farmers and agro-based industries to plant, harvest, and process crops. This can lead to crop failures and other problems.

Marketers and agro-based industry players should be aware of these issues and take steps to mitigate their impact, such as by diversifying their products and markets, investing in new technology, and building relationships with key stakeholders.

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