BSB311 Building Maintenance Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB311 Building Maintenance Management course is an exciting program designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to manage building maintenance projects. Throughout the course, you will develop an understanding of preventive talks and strategies as well as learn how to assess work requests, design effective maintenance plans and efficiently manage resources.

Additionally, you’ll develop a variety of skills related to the acquisition of maintenance services and managing contractors. This valuable program will give you the practical experience needed to excel in the field of building maintenance management.

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In this section, we will note the following assignment objectives:

Assignment Objective 1: Define the principles of maintenance management in relation to maintenance information systems, financing and budgetary control including the execution of maintenance works.

Maintenance management is a practice that strives to ensure that a facility’s infrastructure, equipment, and processes are kept functioning properly. A well-established maintenance system consists of two critical components – a maintenance information system and a financing/budgetary control plan. The maintenance information system must track items such as frequency of operations, planned and unscheduled maintenance, labor hours spent on tasks, and materials used for repairs and replacement parts.

Meanwhile, the financing/budgetary control plan ensures that funds are available for the purchase of spare parts, tools, labor costs associated with repairs, and any other materials needed to maintain operations. Finally, the execution of successful maintenance ultimately hinges on regularly executing maintenance plans so that the systems and equipment remain in optimal condition.

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Assignment Objective 2: Identify the maintenance needs of services systems in the building, its defect problems and remedies.

The maintenance needs of service systems in a building are based on the particular requirements of its users. For instance, if the building is to be used as an office space for employees, then it must include elements such as comfortable working conditions and safety measures that are necessary for workers’ well-being.

Defect problems can arise from improper installation of equipment, lack of regular maintenance services, and/or inadequate safety measures. To remedy these issues, it is essential that the facility manager takes a proactive approach by regularly assessing the building’s systems and identifying any potential problems before they become too serious. Additionally, preventive maintenance should be conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that all service systems are kept in good working condition.

Ultimately, the maintenance needs of service systems in a building must be addressed on an ongoing basis to ensure that operations and safety standards remain consistent.

Assignment Objective 3:Apply the appropriate skill in an application for the maintenance of building services and preparation of services inspection report.

In order to effectively maintain the building services, a facility manager must possess a variety of skills. These skills include proficiency in inspecting and identifying potential problems, understanding of preventative maintenance techniques, knowledge of basic tools and materials required for repairs, and experience with managing contractors.

When preparing a service inspection report, it is important to accurately identify any defects that have been discovered during the inspection process. This should be done in such a way that outlines both the cause and severity of each defect. Additionally, an action plan should be included in the report outlining what steps need to be taken in order to address the identified issues.

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