BCT613 Advanced Construction Materials UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCT613 Advanced Construction Materials course is a unique and comprehensive class that offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of innovative building materials. From modern building-integrated photovoltaic systems to self-healing cementitious composites, this course provides students with an introduction to the latest advances in construction materials.

Participants will gain industry insights and useful skills in creating sustainable construction solutions through engaging lectures, online modules, and hands-on demonstrations. The combination of challenging curriculum and case studies prepares graduates for pursuing a successful career in networking with professionals across various disciplines from material sciences to architecture.

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In this section, let’s explore various assignment activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the properties of advanced construction materials used in the construction industry.

Advanced construction materials offer incredible durability and performance for the construction industry. Different forms of advanced material provide various levels of benefits such as energy efficiency, high strength-to-weight ratios, flame-resistant properties, and impressive weather resistance. Depending on the project’s location, builders may choose a material that is resistant to mold and mildew or may require extra insulation against extreme temperatures. These materials are often more expensive but they help with speed and reduce the need for costly ongoing maintenance due to their longevity. Advanced building materials are essential to ensure safety and efficacy in the construction industry today.

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Assignment Activity 2: Display practical skills in testing the strength of concrete materials used in the construction industry.

In the construction industry, testing the strength of concrete materials is a critical task to ensure all projects are completed safely and to the highest standards. There are multiple practical methods that can be applied in concrete strength testing, from core drilling into pre-existing structures to cylinder compressive tests for structural components.

By familiarising themselves with these different tests and their applications, professionals in the construction sector can acquire essential skills that enable them to accurately determine the strength of concrete materials used in their work. Thanks to these abilities, any potential risks posed by weak or inadequate materials can be avoided and safety during the construction process is improved.

Assignment Activity 3: Propose advanced construction materials that have commercial values which can be marketable and compete in the construction industry.

With the construction industry in need of modern solutions, there is ample opportunity for manufacturers to develop advanced materials that not only benefit builders but have commercial value as well. Some examples include materials designed for extreme weather conditions, such as materials with stronger insulation properties, or those that are highly durable against wind and water.

Additionally, lightweight composite materials can be used to reduce the cost and time associated with complex projects. These advanced materials can be marketed in various ways, from highlighting their sustainability benefits to emphasizing their superior quality when compared to traditional construction products. Furthermore, competitive pricing structures in combination with strategic marketing efforts can make these advanced materials viable contenders in the construction industry.

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