Work Integrated Project is a compulsory component of the BBUS program After completing all the taught courses: Final Year Project Case Study, UTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Subject Final Year Project

Work Integrated Project is a compulsory component of the BBUS program. After completing all the taught courses, students are required to undertake a Work Integrated Projectinany SME or large firms for one semester. The businesses or firms will be chosen by the students themselves.

It is the student’s responsibility tone negotiate the details of the consultancy with the firms, negotiate resources, and schedule any meetings.

Students will treat the project works like a deal opportunity and vehicle for integrating what they have learned during the BBUS program and applying the concept and skill story problem solution. Students will also gain hands-on experience in undertaking to consult in SMEs or large firms and this will enhance their academic understanding and practical skills of the consultancy process.

To successfully undertake the work Integrated Project, students must first assess their skills and interests. Based on this interest, students should select the industry and firms that can provide them with the best opportunity to show their application of the materials from the program.

Students may not know which tools to use at the start, but curiosity in the firm or industry (or both) is a good way to assure that the effort they make will not bed drudgery. The report should consist of a complete strategic analysis of the target firm.

In Phase One, a briefing on the WorkI integrated Project will be given by the respective lecturer in the first week. Each student will be assigned a supervisor, with whom the student will work closely throughout the semester. The student is expected to discuss the possible areas in which the student may focus the project. The discussions will be conducted online via the Blackboard

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In weeks 3 and 4, students are expected to finalize their proposals. The next step is to do an industry analysis in which the firm is operating. Students would need to analyze the trends in the economy, the competitors’ strategies, and other external factors to the firm.

Students are expected to face some challenges in gathering the information and doing the analysis. Therefore, students will have to do their self-reflections and submit them to their supervisors.

In Phase Two, the process requires the students to answer two basic questions. First, is the firm’s strategy consistent with its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the challenges and opportunities present in the external environment? Second, what changes should be made in the current strategy, and investments in resources and capabilities, to improve or sustain overall performance?

To answer the questions, students need to analyze every aspect of the firm and its environment and integrate their findings into a comprehensive understanding of the firm’s current situation and what can realistically be done to improve it? Importantly, students need to support their conclusions with logical analysis. The“why” portion of their analysis is as important as the “what.”Both substance and style are important in effective written communication.

The report is complex and the conclusions will be derived from many hours of research, thinking, and writing. Students should envision themselves selves as writing for a group of potential investors interested in learning about the focal firm.

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