The visitor’s walk is along a straight line parallel to the wall. The viewer is looking both at the wall and forward: Computer Graphic Assignment, SUC, Malaysia

University Southern University College (SUC)
Subject Computer Graphic
  • The visitor’s walk is along a straight line parallel to the wall. The viewer is looking both at the wall and forward, such that her view axis forms a 45-degree angle with the wall’s surface.
  • The pictures should be large enough that, as the visitor walks along the wall, one picture should fill much of her view as she gets close to it. As the visitor moves along the wall, there will also be times when two pictures are indeed seen.
  • The wall should display a minimum of 8 photos.
  • You must create the ceiling and the floor of the ‘exhibition gallery’.
  • Use perspective projection to render the visitor’s view.
  • To move your visitor, you must use the special Left and Right keys on the keyboard.

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