The main objective of the Assessment is to allow the students to have further understanding of computer Operating Systems: Computer and Operating Systems Assignment, PSB Academy, Malaysia

University PSB Academy
Subject Computer and Operating Systems

1. Objectives of the Assessment
The main objective of the Assessment is to allow the students to have further
understanding of computer Operating Systems.
The assessment will assess students’ ability to apply their knowledge from the module to work on the assessment with the consideration of the following areas:
1) Analysis
2) Research
3) Interpretations/Application of Concepts
4) Report Writing
5) Presentation Skills

2. Project task descriptions and requirements

Students are to form a group of no more than 4 and select 1 topic from the list below for report and presentation.

  1.  Evolution of Computers
  2.  Evolution of Operating Systems
  3. Binary Numbers
  4. Hamming Code for Error Detection
  5.  Virtual Memory
  6.  File Management Systems
  7.  Cache Memory
  8.  Memory Management
  9.  Types of Memory
  10.  Direct Memory Access
  11.  Deadlocks
  12.  Process Management
  13.  Multiprocessing
  14.  Cryptography
  15.  Networking Fundamentals
  16.  Information Security Threats and Attacks
  17.  Firewall
  18.  Distributed Systems

3. Assessment Criteria

1) Report Content
Students are to upload the final report in doc/Docx format on Turnitin. Some points to include in the report can be taken from the below list:

  •  Description and Explanations
  • Diagrams/Illustrations
  •  Interpretation of concepts with examples
  • Advantages and Disadvantages (if applicable)
  •  List of references
  •  Follow Harvard style referencing

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