The English language belongs to the Indo-European language group. The English that has been used in the current environment: English Research Paper, SU, Malaysia

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Subject English

The English language belongs to the Indo-European language group. The English that has been used in the current environment is completely different from the earliest form of English in medieval England. The modern English used in today’s world is recognized as the lingua franca of the world (Gimenez, El Kadri, & Calvo, 2018). Therefore, this particular language is widely used in different domains like education, computer coding, business, and many more. Above all, it has become the most convenient medium of communication between different kinds of people worldwide.

The wide uses of the language also help it to become the second language for students in many countries’ schools. There are four systems in the English language, grammar, vocabulary, phonology, and discourse. There are two variants of the English language, British English and American English (Mair & Leech, 2020). However, currently, the wide use of the languages added new variants to the group.

These include Scottish English, Irish English, Australian English, New Zealand English, etc. However, due to the wide use of the language in Asian and African countries, the language has currently experienced some new interventions. These included Singapore English, Indian English, Nigerian English, etc.  However, in every case, the importance of grammar and vocabulary is crucial. Therefore, developing grammatical skills is highly essential for better English Language proficiency.

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