In the era of information explosion, knowledge acquisition is no longer limited to inside school or classroom: Human Organs Application Edu Science Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University SEGi University (SU)
Subject Human Organs Application Edu Science

In the era of information explosion, knowledge acquisition is no longer limited to inside school or classroom. With the Internet, people can get the information and knowledge they need anytime at anywhere. Most children nowadays are exposed to mobile devices at a very young age and are able to use the device without any help. This shows that there is a need for an educational mobile application that includes interactive components such as tutorials and quizzes that are based on school curricula and learning objectives.

Such applications have the potential to help students to gain knowledge and boost their interest in learning by improving their learning experience. The aim of this project was to develop an Android educational mobile application that can help students to learn about human organs in an interesting and engaging way.

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