Students are required to look through the given articles in HLMS and choose one of the topics which they are comfortable: Bachelor of Economics Assignment, HU, Malaysia


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Individual Assignment


Bachelor of Economics

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  • Students are required to look through the given articles in HLMS and choose one of the topics which they are comfortable with.
  • Kindly take note that there is NO need for the students to perform analysis or to deal with tabulation of data, graphical illustration, and model formulations.
  • Because the number of words for this assignment is 1000 words, there is a NEED for students to discuss theories related to the chosen topic (at least 3 theories) and related references (3 references) including the main reference of the article.
  • Examples

Main article (Keyword: FDI), pick up 3 articles or references that have the same keyword.

Additional 3 articles – for comparison analysis (matching and mismatching)

  • Students are required to read through the overall segmentation of the article to detect the tone of presentation, and the type of language that the scholars have utilized within the selected article after they are done with the selection of the article. The reading is a must for the students to evaluate the uniqueness and weaknesses of the paper.
  • Answers should be typed in essay format, complete with tables, and relevant graphical visualization where appropriate. Font type: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line spacing: Double Lines.
  • You are expected to use theories from your textbooks, journal articles, newspaper reports, and other wider readings. It must be relevant to the subject of International Economics. All sources and quotations must be attributed and referenced to avoid plagiarism.
  • You are expected to be more critical when you are discussing the consistencies and contradictions of the facts with relevant theories.
  • You are expected to avoid the references on Investopedia, Trading Economics,, and Wikipedia. Please refer to sites like News Straits Times, The Star, Financial Times, Business Insider, The Economist, etc.
  • You are required to submit the soft copy of the assignment – a complete set of write up (single file) to HLMS through the given submission link. Do not include the cover page in the file. Please include the marking rubrics in the list.
  • The write-up must have a heading that contains the details like Full Name, ID, and Title of assignment.

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