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Shanghai International Port (Group) Co. Ltd (SIPG)

Shanghai International Port (Group) Co. Ltd (SIPG), the operator of public terminals in Shanghai’s port is a large scale specialized, conglomerate that was formed in January 2003 after the Shanghai Port Authority was restructured. In 2005. It became a shareholder company on October 26. 2006 it went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, making it the first of its kind in China. Shanghai’s port, includes a deep-sea port and a river port. is the world’s busiest in terms of cargo tonnage.

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The port is located near the mouth of the Yangtze River in Shanghai. China, and covers an area of 3.619.6km2. It is located in the centre of China’s I ti3O00-kilometre-long coastline. Shanghai is thought to have the world’s fastest-growing economy. The Port of Shanghai is located in a significant geographic location with outstanding natural circumstances and a powerful hinterland economy and is served by well-connected road and railway networks as well as fully established cargo collecting and distribution systems.

Other than that, SIPG’s primary businesses include port operations, integrated logistics services, port-related services and port investment. A port logistics industrial chain has been developed, which includes stevedoring, warehousing and storage, shipping, and land transportation. and agency service. SIPG has 12 branches,


Chinese domestic ports have developed at an incredible rate during the last few decades. The number, size, and capacity of ports reflect this. The overall expansion of Chinese ports. however, has priorities number over quality. Efforts to improve their competitiveness have never stopped, but the local and national governments’ expectations have not been reached.

Along with the issue of uncontrolled competition among local governments, which is common in China, there are also management issues. This has caused some to argue for regional and global coordination and speciati.540n, as well as a separation of the governmental port authority and commercial terminal operations.

Besides that, The world’s busiest port Shanghai is struggling with traffic congestion. According to ocean carriers and port officials, the world’s busiest container port. Tags,h, and in Shanghai, China’s economic capital. is experiencing significant congestion caused by dense fog. higher-than-usual volumes, and the fallout from a shipping alliance shake-up.

More than 100 container ships are currently waiting outside the port. according to shipping software provider CargoSmart, where the average berth waiting time jumped 6.2 per cent last week, to 18.2 hours. from the previous week.

In February 2020, the Impact of the virus 7ns most obvious in China. v. hen the number of vessels in the port dropped to 1361. This is owing to the Chinese government’s nationwide shutdown. which was imposed to prevent the virus from spreading further.

When compared to the same period last year, the number of vessels in January and February this year was smaller. In comparison to the previous year, the figure for March to August this year is greater. Due to the increasing pattern of port activity each year, the number of vessels in January. and February this year should have been higher. The epidemic. on the other hand, has resulted in this dramatic decline.

Background (Sire, Union, type, etc)

Port Kiang is situated on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 40 km from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Its proximity to the greater Kiang Valley – the commercial and industrial hub of the country as well as the country’s most populous region ensures that the port plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the country. Based on a Government directive in 1993, Port Kiang is currently being developed as the National Load Centre and eventually a hub for the region.

With several load centring and hubbing strategies pursued since 1993, the facilities and services in Port Kiang are now synonymous with those of World-class ports. The port has trade connections with over 120 countries and dealings with more than 500 ports around the world. Its ideal geographical location makes it the first port of call for ships on the eastbound leg and the last port of call on the westbound leg of the Far East-Europe trade route.

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To be one of the leading gateway and transhipment ports of call in the world while continuing to be proud of Malaysia on employee relations customer satisfaction and corporate citizenship.


To conduct our business with operational excellence and integrity to create value for all our stakeholders.

In tandem with the Government policy to infuse private sector management and discipline in various Government owned/controlled undertakings in the country, the first privatisation of a major port facility took place in Port Kiang. In 1986 the container terminal facilities were operated by Port! Gang Authority was privatised to Kiang Container Terminal aerhaq.

The Authority maintains a 20% equity in the new company. After this exercise, the remaining operational facilities and services of the port were privatised to Kin Port Management 500,00 in 1992. The new port facilities developed on the island of Nog thing were privatised to Kelang Multi Terminal S MO in 1994.

They were also given the opt on to develop the remaining port facilities planned under the Port Master Plan 1990 – 2010. With the divestment of the operational facilities and services of the port to three distinct entities under three separate privatisation exercises, the Authority has taken on an enhanced role of a trade facilitator, regulator and landlord. The core functions of the Authority under the reshaped role are as follows:- •


1.   Dismisses ‘Inaccurate’ high rollover rate claim

Port Kiang, a major transhipment hub in Malaysia, has dismissed claims it is facing a severe congestion problem against the backdrop of a pandemic-led disruption. The freight visibility platform showed the percentage of containers missing their scheduled railings was on the rise, with some carriers and ports rolling more than half their cargo In April.

With shipping lines facing delays at several ports within the region due to productivity issues and higher demand for services, some lines omitted scheduled calls to Port Kiang to make up for lost time resulting in longer dwell time in the port for export and transhipment containers. Besides that, the delays as minimal and were manageable for Kiang with its sources to cope with the demand spike.

2.  Congestion cleared, no workforce and equipment shortage

Previously there was congestion due to a shortage of port equipment, especially in Port Kiang, Malaysian shippers were scrambling to secure containers from any available shipping services at premium rates, or had to rely on air freight for urgent shipments due to container and vessel capacity shortage.

This is due to the port congestions and terminal disruptions in Port Kiang are not just caused by ports trying to funnel large numbers of containers through their gateways, but also due to inadequate port equipment and bottlenecks faced in Customs clearance for import shipments requiring inspections by other government agencies.

The port congestion has led to significant shipment delays of between two and three weeks which have caused a ripple effect throughout the supply chain and it will eventually impact businesses and consumers worldwide In addition the port equipment including containers and straddle carriers are sufficient, but because of the congestion ovate WII inside the yard, it is not productive to do spa can put additional cranes and equipment but no 😮 Settings t point because there are many containers inside, we cannot move,” he added.

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3. Vessel congestion due to delays at preceding ports

The situation is made worse by bad weather during the monsoon season when vessels are delayed at ports in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and subsequently, omit some of these ports to arrive at Port Ong at about the same time. As a result of this, the current waiting time for a berth in Port Klan is two to three days.

Further to this, some shipping lines have cancelled calls at Port 1(Ikryt or have very limited space available to load export containers out of Port Klan due to high demand for slots in Chinese ports. This has resulted in export boxes staying in the port longer than usual resulting in a shortage of storage space in container yards in Port KlAnt The anticipated surge in the volume of containers during Chinese New Year is being addressed by Port Klog Authority.


A port is a maritime facility that may comprise one or more wharves where ships may dock to load and discharge passengers and cargo. Although usually situated on a seacoast or estuary, some ports, such as Hamburg, Manchester and Duluth, are many miles inland, with access to the sea via river or canal.


Magazine To conduct a study on one local seaport, and one international seaport and in the end design a port that would encompass many of the goods of both seaports. Each group are required to: Produce a complete magazine report comparing both ports, and an introduction to your port idea. Activate Windows Produce a slide presentation & present it. Go to Settings to activate Assessment will be under Final Project with a total of 90%.

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