Real-Time system is subjected to the system response time should be assured within a given time frame, or the system should fulfill: Real Time System Assignment, AUTI, Malaysia

Real-Time system is subjected to the system response time should be assured within a given time frame, or the system should fulfill the stated deadline. The purpose of this research is to investigate how a selected programming language and the design pattern impact the performance of a Real-Time system.

The research is conducted by utilizing Java programming language with a stock scenario to create two simulations in order to examine the performances. In this paper, performance testing for both simulations will be conducted by using software benchmarking as a method.

By using this method, there are several tools to test the performances which include the JMH, Java Micro-benchmarking framework, and JConsole, JVM monitoring tool. JMH is used to evaluate both the simulations’ throughput and
average time; likewise, JConsole is used to monitor both the simulations’ CPU usage, time spent on garbage collection, heap memory usage, and many more.

Therefore, the result of this researchable to determine the significance and impact of both the design pattern and programming language towards a
Real-Time system performance.

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