Evaluate student’s skills at writing an object-oriented program using C++ programming language: Data Structure & Algorithm Assignment, AUTI, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (AUTI)
Subject Data Structure and Algorithm


  • To evaluate student’s skills at writing an object-oriented program using C++ programming language;
  • To apply array-based list data structure in solving the problem.

 Bills Keepers

Lisa is a busy full-time housewife and mother of 4 children. Apart from taking care of her children and doing housework, she also manages the monthly expenses for her family, such as the expenses for food and grocery, utility bills, phone bills, children and school costs, online shopping, etc. She made the payments for all the expenses in 4 payment methods which are cash, e-wallet, internet banking, and credit card.

To ensure she is spending within the budget; she needs your help to create a Bills Tracking system to keep track of the monthly bill payments. The system should be able to record all the payments made in different payment methods and calculate the total amounts of expenses by different payment methods. Different information is needed for the 4 different types of payment methods.

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Assignment Requirements

Write a program in C++ to design your solutions for the Bills Tracking system. You are encouraged to use your creativity and logical thinking to design your classes with high cohesion to increase the reusability and maintainability of your system. Your program should meet all the requirements as below:

a) Apply the 3 object-oriented programming principles; encapsulation, inheritance, and basic polymorphism in your solution;

b) Each class should have at least one (1) new attribute, one (1) new method, and one (1) constructor;

c) Each class should contain at least one (1) setter method or getter method to set or retrieve the value(s) of the class attribute(s);

d) Create array(s) with a maximum size of 10 to keep the details of the bill payment records;

e) Your system should be able to provide all the functions listed below continuously based on user selection.

f) Your program should operate continuously until the user chooses to terminate the program;

g) The assignment solution should apply Object-Oriented Programming concepts and an array-based list, Your solution may use a pointer (but not a linked list).

h) Create at least 5 pre-set data in your program (e.g. various bills paid with different payment methods). Your program should be able to view all the information of these pre-set delivery requests through the “View All” function once your program is executed

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