MKT2013: Identify and analyze the relevant factors in the microenvironment that might be affecting Global Coffee Co’s business performance: Principles of Marketing Case Study, UPTM, Malaysia


Universiti Poly Tech Malaysia (UPTM)

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MKT2013: Principles of Marketing

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Global Coffee Co. is a well-established coffee chain that operates in multiple countries. Over the past year, the company has experienced a decline in customer visits and sales across all of its stores.

Global Coffee Co. has long been a favorite among coffee enthusiasts for its diverse coffee blends and cozy ambiance. However, shifting market dynamics, changing consumer preferences, and emerging competitors have led to a decrease in foot traffic and overall sales. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, with new coffee shops and alternative beverage options entering the scene. Despite offering various high-quality coffee options and a comfortable atmosphere, the company is struggling to attract and retain customers.

  1. Identify and analyze the relevant factors in the microenvironment that might be affecting Global Coffee Co’s business performance.
  2. Discuss the potential impact of demographic, economic, social, technological, and cultural trends on the company’s marketing strategies.
  3. Apply the consumer behavior concepts you’ve learned to explain why consumers may go to Global Coffee Co. Consider cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors influencing consumer perceptions and decisions.
  4. Discuss the potential segmentation bases that can be utilized to market this product.
  5. Based on your analysis, propose and justify three strategic recommendations that Global Coffee Co. could implement to reverse the decline in its sales performance.

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