MGT3373 Logistic Management Presentation Report, UPTM, Malaysia


Universiti Poly Tech Malaysia (UPTM)

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Assignment Type

Individual Assignment


MGT3373: Logistic Management

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  1. This group assignment aims to fulfil CLO3 – Analyze the differences between national and international logistics practices of an organization. (C4, PLO5).
  2. The marks allocated for this group assignment is 20%. The assignment consists of a written report.
  3. Zero (0) marks will be given for any assignments detected for PLAGIARISM/CHEATING/ COPYING FROM OTHER SOURCES.
  4. Choose a business organization in Student required to analyze the differences between national and international logistics practices from the organization you choose.
  5. Student need to prepare a comprehensive report about the The content of presentation report based on:


  1. Company
  2. Analysis of activity required:
    1. Explain the criteria of international
    2. Identify the macro environment that influence to the company
    3. Identify the transportation mode and inventory that using by the chosen company for international.
  1. The general format for report including, cover page based on ISO format: Cover page (UPTM), Font Arial, size: 11, Justified alignment, 1.5 line spacing and using APA as referencing.
  2. Save your file with the Group Leader’s Name, Section No, the name of the assessment and the subject code as the file’s name. (Example of the file’s name: Group Isaac S1 Presentation Report MGT3373).

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