Develop a marketing plan that aims to revitalize the marketing approach for an established brand: Principles Of Marketing Report, UPTM, Malaysia


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Principles Of Marketing Report

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Assessment: Developing a Marketing Plan for an Existing Brand

Your objective is to develop a marketing plan that aims to revitalize the marketing approach for an established brand. Before starting, make sure to select the brand carefully and obtain approval from your instructor. Your primary goal is to create a marketing strategy that emphasizes important factors for improving the brand’s visibility and increasing sales.

Create a comprehensive marketing plan structured around the following components:

I. Introduction
 Provide a brief overview of the selected brand
 Describe the current target market and brand positioning within its market.
 The purpose of the assessment

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II. Market Analysis:
 Analyze the brand’s current market situation by discussing both its competitors and marketing opportunities of the brand.

III. Marketing Objectives:
 Formulate clear and attainable marketing objectives tailored to the brand. Ensure these objectives are specific, measurable, and aligned with the brand’s overarching goals.

IV. Current Marketing Strategy
 Detail the strategies the company currently employs to market its brand
 Product strategy
 Price strategy
 Place strategy
 Promotion strategy

V. Proposed Marketing Strategies:
 Present strategies to enhance the brand’s marketing efforts.
 Product strategy
 Price strategy
 Place strategy
 Promotion strategy

VI. Conclusion
 Summarize the key takeaways from your marketing plan and highlight its potential impact on the brand’s future success.

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