MGT555: The worksheet in the Excel File Berkat Malaysia Data provides information about 65 sales: Business Analytics Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject MGT555: Business Analytics

The worksheet in the Excel File Berkat Malaysia Data provides information about 65 sales. The data include Order ID, Order Date, Customer ID, City, State, Salesperson, Payment Type, Product Name, Category, Unit Price, Quantity, Revenue, and Shipping Fee. Based on the data, find the value of:

  1. Minimum quantity ordered.
  2. Maximum quantity ordered.
  3. Total revenue.
  4. Number of orders with order amount more than RM2000
  5. Several sales were made by Muthu.
  6. Number of orders for coffee
  7. Number of orders from Terengganu
  8. Number of sales of chocolate >RM500
  9. A customer (Order ID: 1375) call up regarding the number of items ordered.
  10. A customer (Order ID: 1375) calls up regarding the type of payment.

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Based on the data that Credit Risk Management provided, create a pivot table to find the number of loans by different purposes, marital status, and credit risk. Illustrate the result on PivotCharts.


This dataset is about the perceptions of gender stereotypes within the beauty industry. Many product advertisements for shampoo, soap, perfume, and cologne promote the idea of gender roles. In an attempt to discourage gender roles and stereotypes in advertisements, a new advertisement strategy was proposed. This strategy is called empowerment advertising, which focuses on representing diversity in the beauty industry. This project is focused on gaining a better understanding of consumer perceptions of the different advertising strategies.

  1. Based on the data, calculate
  2. Total number of males
  3. Total number of females
  4. The average age of respondents
  5. Sum of cost of spending on beauty and hygiene products
  6. The z-score for Ad Per year
  • Calculate descriptive statistics for average consumption
  • Write a report on the demographic section based on the analysis that you have presented

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