LEA4173: Identify a topic or research area of interest in designing any software that can be used to solve users’ problems: Academic Research Assignment, SU, Malaysia


SEGi University (SU)

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Individual Assignment


LEA4173: Academic Research

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Assignment Specification

This assignment has TWO (2) parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1

This assignment is to expose you to preparing project reports.

1. Identify a topic or research area of interest in designing any software
that can be used to solve users’ problems. You must be able to identify
relevant topics that can be further researched and produce solutions for users. Describe the title and topic of your research briefly

2. Once you obtained the topic you need to write the following:

Chapter 1
a. Problem background
b. Problem statement
c. Aims and Objectives
d. Project scope
e. Project Significance

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3. Next, you need to conduct a literature review to get an overview of the topic
and identify similar existing systems available in the market. Once you
obtain relevant information, you need to write the following:

Chapter 2
a. Overview of your topic
b. Similar existing system
c. Identified comparison
d. Proposed solution
e. Development Platform

4. You are to identify a relevant methodology for the proposed system. You also need to perform an analysis of the proposed system. Using any available CASE tools, design the proposed system. The design will include the following:

Chapter 3
a. Systems Analysis
i. Functional and non-functional requirements
ii. Use a case diagram
iii. Use case description (UCD) (1 UCD only for this assignment. Very general description to cover all major UCs)

b. System Design
i. Sequence diagram (1 sequence diagram ONLY for this assignment) to show the entire system behavior. In the final year project, all sequence diagrams must be presented)
ii. Class diagram

c. Data modeling
i. Data dictionary
ii. Entity-relationship Diagram

d. Proposed storyboard

Part 2 

Writing a Journal Article

From the research and writings obtained above, write a scholarly research
paper on the topic you. You must have at least 10 references from peer-reviewed journals.

The research paper must follow APA style for citations and references. Other
styles are not accepted, and deduction will be made for non-use or incorrect
use of APA.

Grading will be based on the quality and depth of your research and should
follow the outline of a research paper. Writing style must be of a highly acceptable scholarly level, with no grammatical and spelling errors.

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