ITC101: How will leaders shape the post-coronavirus business world: Information Technology for Business Assignment, HU, Malaysia

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Subject ITC101: Information Technology for Business

How will leaders shape the post-coronavirus business world?

A Look into the Future of organization Post-COVID: Across all industries, remote work has undoubtedly increased due to the pandemic. But even when it’s safe for everyone to return to the office, a large number of workers won’t be doing so. Of the many workers that went remote solely because of COVID-19, at least 16% will continue working from home two or more days per week.

As a result, the majority of talented professionals agree that virtual business processes will be the new normal. Though many organizations may blend manual processes with automation, the early stages of most businesses will likely remain virtual. This flexibility will make it easier to run businesses from across the country, and even around the world.

Prepare a Digital Transformation Plan for YOUR selected organization. You must first identify and discuss three implications of the changes. Next, you must discuss on what is the future of automation after the pandemic. You must also discuss how an organization can reinvent (prepare and shape) the new normal for the next phase of transformation. Finally, conclude your discussion by deliberating on what you as an individual could do to support digital transformation post-Covid.

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is academic dishonesty or academic theft, and it is a serious academic offense. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the followings:

  1. quote, paraphrase, or summarize someone else’s ideas, theories or data, in whole or in part, without appropriate acknowledgment
  2. borrow ideas, opinions, or words, in whole or in part, from other sources without properly crediting the author(s)
  3. use any facts, statistics, diagrams or graphs, in whole or in part, without acknowledging the source clearly
  4. claim or imply original authorship of someone else’s ideas, theories or data, in whole or in part, as your own
  5. employ or allow someone to help to revise, amend or write your work and pass it off as your own original work
  6. collaborate with or allow other students to copy your work
  7. draw on sources more than what you have acknowledged by citations

When and How to Reference?

Knowing when and how to cite is a student’s responsibility. If he/she is in doubt or needs more help on this matter, the student may consult the lecturer/tutor. The following list comprises some of the sources a student will need to reference. The list is by no means exhaustive but simply consists of the most common sources used by students to complete their work.

  1. Books
  2. Chapters in books
  3. Journal articles
  4. Conference papers
  5. Newspaper articles
  6. Magazines
  7. Websites
  8. Study guide

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