In case you want to import any packages apart from pandas, matplotlib, NumPy, math, random, Tkinter, pickle: Python for Problem Solving Course Work, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Python for Problem Solving

In case you want to import any packages apart from pandas, matplotlib, NumPy, math, random, Tkinter, pickle, and seaborn, you should contact the module leader first.

The program should run without errors and produce the same output used in your report. The source code should be well commented and well structured, programmed in Python with Spyder as an Editor.

A large energy company provides a call centre to answer customers’ queries. The call centre management is keen to understand the activity and performance levels that the call centre has experienced over the last winter and what they might do to improve their experiences next year.

They know that activity levels vary considerably during the day and so data has been collected for the morning, afternoon and evening ‘peak’ hours. They are hoping to understand their workloads better, and also how they are related to the experience of their customers when calling the call centre.

They are particularly interested in reducing the number of callers who abandon if this is possible. During the last Winter, they have been experimenting with virtual hold technology (VHT).

When VHT is ‘on’ callers who cannot be dealt with immediately are offered the chance to be rung back without losing their place in the queue. Is there any evidence that this reduces the chance that callers abandon their call?

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