HQA7001 A research problem should be clearly stated and be specific in nature. The feasibility of the study in terms: Research Methadology Assignment, UOM, Malaysia


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HQA7001 Research Methadology

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Research problem identification

Note: A research problem should be clearly stated and be specific in nature. The feasibility of the study in terms of the availability of technical expertise, finances, and time, and in terms of its relevance, should be considered thoroughly at this stage. In studies that attempt to establish a causal relationship or an association, the accuracy of the measurement of independent (cause) and dependent (effect) variables is of crucial importance and, hence, should be given serious consideration.

1) Select an area of study that interests you from within your academic discipline.
a. Within that area, identify the problem(s) that you wish to investigate.
b. What research questions and/or hypotheses do you hope to answer? (Be as specific as possible. You can select one or as many subareas as you want.)

2) Formulate the objectives of your study.

3) Write the problem statement.

4) What, in your opinion, is the relevance of this study to theory and practice? How will your study contribute to the existing knowledge?

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