EEE525 Smart Waste Management System: Develop an IoT-based solution for efficient waste management in cities: IoT Assignment, Malaysia

University University of Science Malaysia
Subject EEE525 IoT Assignment

Example Topics for Mini-Projects:
I. Smart Waste Management System: Develop an IoT-based solution for efficient waste management in cities. The system should monitor garbage levels in bins using sensors and transmit the data to a central server for analysis. Use data analytics techniques to optimize waste collection routes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

II. Smart Home Energy Management System: Create an IoT-based system to monitor and manage energy consumption in a smart home. Design sensors to measure electricity usage, temperature, and occupancy. Use machine learning algorithms to analyze the data and provide recommendations for energy-saving actions.

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III. IoT-Based Agricultural Monitoring System: Build an IoT solution to monitor and manage agricultural parameters such as soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and light intensity. Develop a system that collects data from various sensors deployed in the field and provides real-time information to farmers. Use data analytics techniques to generate insights and optimize farming practices.

IV. IoT-Based Health Monitoring System: Develop a wearable device that collects health-related data such as heart rate, temperature, and activity levels. Connect the device to a cloud platform for data storage and analysis. Utilize machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies in the data and provide personalized health recommendations.

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