EEE4333: Demonstrates the ability to engage in independent learning of modern tools for the programming of embedded systems: Embedded system Coursework, SU, Malaysia


SEGi University (SU)

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Assignment Type

Individual Assignment


EEE4333: Embedded System

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Learning Outcome

CO 3: Demonstrates the ability to engage in independent learning of modern tools for the programming of embedded systems


To develop an autonomous energy-efficient line tracking robot that involves motor controller design, algorithm development, and sensor selection and interfacing.

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Embedded system board and necessary power source, discrete components, sensors, actuators, etc. (Make sure to attend the Assignment Briefing session for recommended parts list)


Develop a robot (on wheels) that tracks a black line over a white floor surface. The line will have the following:

  1. T junctions
  2. Cross junctions
  3. Sharp junctions
  4. Curved junctions
  5. Sharp U-turn junctions
  6. Curved U-turn junctions

The Robot should complete the course in less than 3 minutes without any human intervention. (It is advisable to print out the track pattern to the correct scale before designing the robot. This is to ensure that the Robot “fits” the width of the black line on the track).

Perform an evaluation of the power requirement, and incorporate the necessary discrete components, sensors, actuators, etc. The usage of premade modules will be awarded a lower grade; while complete circuits developed from raw discrete components will be awarded a higher grade.

Present a demo in the designated Lab explaining your design and demonstrating the working operation of your robot in completing the course. Record the demo session and upload the video to the online submission page as a partial fulfilment requirement.


Submit your source code by attaching it to the appendix of your report as text. To ensure a low plagiarism score, you are advised to rewrite any reference code in your own style.

Make sure to properly comment on your program and provide a thorough explanation of your code segments.

Students may work on the assignment in groups of up to 3 students. As a group, students need to demonstrate that the outcome and work done to match the SLT stipulated for the assignment

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