Develop a PHP program that calculates water bills using selection control statements: Human Computer Interaction Course Work, UNM, Malaysia


University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM)

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Individual Assignment


Human Computer Interaction

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Develop a PHP program that calculates water bills using selection control statements. The conditions are as follows: • First 50 units – RM 3.50/unit • Next 100 units – RM 4.00/unit • Next 100 units – RM 5.20/unit • Above 250 units – RM 6.50/unit You are required to create one function to calculate the water bill. Rubric (CSS): – Drag and drop function: 5 marks – Mouse Hover function: 5 marks – Direct Selection: 5 marks – Overlay: 10 marks – Font sizes: 2 marks – Content : 3 marks I just need the code.

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