Programming Café Management System In order to improve the student’s performance, and enhance their problem: C Programming Assignment, UTN, Malaysia

University Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UTN)
Subject C Programming

Programming Café Management System In order to improve the student’s performance, and enhance their problem-solving skill and confidence level in coding, we decided to set up an experimental program called “Programming Café” to provide additional coding sessions for students outside their regular timetable. Every session will have a duration of TWO hours and the classroom will be assigned for the purpose.

Programming Café sessions will be conducted by selective Graduate Students with good knowledge in their respective programming language, who will be paid a flat rate of RM100 for each TWO-hour Programming Cafe session conducted. we had selected some of the common programming languages for the Programming Café Sessions in this experimental phase. The selected programming language sessions are listed in Table 1. Additional sessions on different coding subjects can be added as required. However, all the sessions listed in Table 1 must be added into the system by default.’

C programming

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