DEE40082: The device has a voice-controlled, Google Assistant smart speaker with a beautiful color segmented LED display: Electrical Engineering, Assignment, PM, Malaysia

University Politeknik Malaysia (PM)
Subject DEE40082: Electrical Engineering

The device has a voice-controlled, Google Assistant smart speaker with a beautiful color segmented LED display. It displays the current time, weather conditions, day, and your currently set alarms. The display will automatically adjust its brightness depending on the light levels of the room, so it’s not blinding you in the middle of the night. With the new technology, it can show display photos or video and can be used for monitoring camera feeds. It’s effectively what you’d get if you combined a modern smart speaker with an old-school LED clock radio from the 1980s. Besides that, it will easier when we can control/adjust time by smartphone.

  1. To design the shape of the prototype smart clock machine
  2. To develop a program that can show time, date, light and picture frame
  1. The project focus on how to adjust time by using Arduino Uno
  2. Focus on time, date, alarm, and picture frame
  3. This project can avoid environmental pollution cause not using battery
  1. The proposed project can be used by small industries in the village.
  1. The costs incurred in the project are family and individual.
  2. The project estimate is RM 295

This smart clock will make you be easier in your life.You also no need to use your energy to buy some battery and admit it on the clock, by this smart clock you just adjust the time or other by your own smartphone

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