Currently, you are hired as a programmer to analyze their first-quarter sales result for two newly targeted districts as shown below: Principles of Programming Report, APU, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject Principles of Programmiing


ITX Computer Sdn Bhd is a computer company specializing in supplying computer components to the Asia market. Currently, you are hired as a programmer to analyze their first-quarter sales result for two newly targeted districts as shown below.

Your tasks are outlined below.

ITX Computer Sdn Bhd

First Quarter Sales Report

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You are required to write a program to perform the following tasks:

Task 1

Declare appropriate arrays and store the above information

Task 2

Display the information in the above format

Task 3

Calculate total sales for each country.
The screen dialogue should appear as follows:

Agent          Country         Total Sales
Agent 1     Singapore       13800
Agent 1     Thailand           12000
Agent 2 I    Indonesia       7050
Agent 2      Vietnam           8550

Task 4

Sort the array in ascending/descending order for the month of February

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