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CAT3044: Enterprise Architecture

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You must adhere to the university college regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of plagiarism or any other form of misconduct in your work. Students must NOT collude with other groups of students or plagiarize their work.

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A softcopy of your assignment in PDF version should be submitted to the lecturer, no later than the date and time stipulated on the cover sheet. In addition, an electronic copy of your work must be submitted to Turnitin. The first page of your report, immediately after the cover page, must be a page from Turnitin clearly showing your name and your Originality Score

Diagrams may be used where they are helping to support your arguments or description. If they are not your work, the source must be referenced. Please help us to handle and mark your work efficiently

** The name of the airline, detail of the figures, and contents are changed and simplified for the level of assignment

Jaguar Airlines

Jaguar Air Lines entered e-business with much self-confidence when it agreed to provide with its excess inventory in exchange for a 10% equity position. When Money line stock soared, Jaguar sold part of its holding for $950 million. Jaguar management recognized that e-business offered many different business opportunities and has identified ways to lower costs, increase revenues, and experiment with new business concepts.

This case study describes Jaguar’s e-business initiatives, noting the organizational structure used to aggressively pursue new opportunities. Of particular note is the role of the IT transformation that positioned Jaguar for the opportunities e-business created. Seeking to avert a Pandemic
crisis, Jaguar invested $1 billion in its IT infrastructure and developed a publish-and-subscribe environment to support a cross-functional customer orientation.

In 2018, Jaguar Air Lines was the United States’ third largest airline in terms of revenues and rider miles, and also the largest U.S. airline in terms of the variety of exits and passengers enplaned. Revenues in 2017 neared $16 billion, and Jaguar reportable internet financial gain of over $1 billion for the second consecutive year. Primarily based in Andaman, Amerstadam, the firm had 84,000 employees, who every year flew 117 million customers to forty-five states at intervals in the U.S. and forty-four cities in twenty-eight countries throughout the world. With its Blue Sky Team1 alliance partners, Jaguar’s network lined 118 cities in forty-seven countries.

Jaguar had truly been “attracted” into e-business by MoneyLine, a dot-com start-up whose price the proposition was that it might sell airlines’ excess inventory at discounted costs to persons for whom value would confirm whether or not or not they might fly. Jaguar selling executives were ab initio sceptical of the plan of mercantilism tickets through MoneyLine, however, the chief treasurer supported the conception and Koay Mullan was persuaded of the certainty of the MoneyLine model as a channel

The MoneyLine deal created a model for e-business initiatives at Jaguar. For example, once management was searching for a marketer to supply wireless services, it partnered with Softnet Zone and organized an equity stake in this firm. Jaguar conjointly received equity in folks’ laptops as a part of a meeting to deliver personal computers to its employees. Management believed that partnering with start-ups was the most effective thanks to marrying the speed and lightness of dot-com firms with Jaguar’s name.

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B2C Initiatives

Following the MoneyLine deal, Jaguar actively pursued 3 varieties of e-business initiatives that management believed would be vital to the firm’s competitiveness: B2C, B2B, and B2E. For airlines, the foremost immediate impact of e-business was on the sale and distribution of airline price tags. Travel agents had long been the airlines’ dominant ticket distribution channel, and as recently as 1997 had been liable for about 85% of Jaguar’s ticket sales. By 2018, nearly 1 / 4 of Jaguar’s ticket sales were completed online, whereas the travel agent’s share had contracted to 60%.

Travel agents would still give a very important sales channel, however, Jaguar set a target of the commercialism of 1/2 of its seats online by 2023. The value savings would be significant. Tickets oversubscribed by travel agents cost Jaguar about $34 each, whereas a price tag sold online directly from Jaguar costs about $2. In 2018, Jaguar realized savings in sales and distribution prices of approximately $20 million from subbing online ticket sales for sales through travel agents.

In early 2021, Jaguar planned a roll-out of for corporations with 5 to fifty travellers, a body that Jaguar management believed was under-served. provided expense observance and mensuration in addition to acting as a portal for airline price tag sales, hotels, and rental cars. Jaguar would like in an exceedingly range of ways: commissions on sales of alternative firms’ products, reduced prices on the sale of Jaguar flights, promoting fees paid by collaborating firms, and, conceivably, extra sales on Jaguar flights.

B2B and B2E Initiatives

Jaguar’s B2C efforts pre-dated those of either B2B or B2E, however, the firm felt that important advantages may accrue from all 3 initiatives. Within the B2B space, Jaguar was notably centred on investing its payment power and had joined an association of thirty airlines operating to ascertain a B2B exchange. though airlines had fashioned a spread of code-sharing partnerships, and they cooperated Despite these challenges, Jaguar management felt that a good market exchange. could considerably cut back its $7 billion annual procurance costs, thus Jaguar was fascinated by serving to ascertain a winning B2B exchange for airlines.

B2E initiatives centred on enhancing the productivity and job satisfaction of Jaguar workers. The Jaguar computer network enabled Jaguar’s mobile hands to access human resource listings and would eventually be accustomed communicate assignments and schedules to Jaguar’s 9,000 pilots and 18,000 flight attendants. Koay Mulan the corporate executive of Jaguar had secured free personal computers to any or all of Jaguar’s employees to encourage them to use the technology and to offer them access to the firm’s IT infrastructure from their homes.

The IT Infrastructure E-business initiatives at Jaguar leveraged the firm’s recently revived IT infrastructure. Responding to a pandemic crisis and also the need to greatly enhance the “customer experience,” the firm had spent several greenbacks in 2017–18 to tear out many of its recent heritage systems and reconstruct its IT infrastructure. Bobby Charles the, CIO who
had inherited the infrastructure whilst he took his role on January 1, 2018, mentioned that it provided an effective engine for turning in statistics to each personnel and customer.

Bobby Charles noted that the Digital Stains Systemgreatly reduced application development time. The prototype of the application that would send notifications to customer pagers and computers was prepared in a couple of weeks. Typically, he would have expected eight to nine months of development time. To become fully subscribed, the Digital Stains System required complete renewal of the computing technology at each of Jaguar’s airports.

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