BUSM50003: Explain your research philosophy and methodologies and In particular, comment on the research design: Big Data Research Paper, SU, Malaysia


Staffordshire University (SU)

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Individual Assignment


BUSM50003: Big Data

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  1. Explain your research philosophy and methodologies. In particular, comment on the research design(s) that is/are applicable in your context, type of data to be collected, sampling methods and justification, data collection methods, instruments and others.
  2. Complete the Faculty ethical approval process for your big data using the fast-track ethical approval form. Attach the approved form to the assignment as an appendix. Briefly reflect on the ethical implications of your big data research.
  3. Data collection – design and implement an effective data collection instrument (questionnaire, interviews, observation, experiments or others) to match the research questions/objectives that you specified in Task 2. Explain and evaluate the purpose and design of significant questions used in your data collection instrument(s). You are encouraged to collect both quantitative and/or qualitative data. Attach a blank copy of your data collection instrument(s) as an Appendix.
  4. Analyze your results in relation to your big data research objectives/questions and attach relevant tables, graphs and processed data in the form of appendices. Analyze the data collected from your research activity and write a concise analysis and interpretation of the results in fulfilling your earlier research objectives.
  5.  Evaluate the impact of your study. You may include the discussion of the
    appropriateness of research instruments in relation to research methodologies outlined in Task 3, the reliability and validity of your results, the limitations, and recommendations for future big data research.
  6. Conduct a reflection on your big data research in terms of the lessons learned from the study.

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