BEE3143: Modeling of a transmission system network using any suitable software with at least able to compute load flow and short-circuit calculations: Power System Analysis Assignment, UMP, Malaysia

University Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)
Subject BEE3143: Power System Analysis


This document presents the project assignment for BEE 3143 – Power System Analysis to be completed individually by each student. This project is designed to be completed using the approach of Project-Based Learning (PBL). The main objective of this PBL is to enable each participating student to learn from the project assignment by solving practical electrical transmission system problems. It is also considered a long-term problem-solving assignment since the duration for completing the project is about six weeks.

In order to solve the given problems, methods, and solutions, it is necessary for each participating student to make references to appropriate books, papers, and reports as well as available documents from the web. It is also necessary for the student to use any suitable and available power system simulation software that can perform the necessary load flow and
short-circuit analysis. It is our hope that this PBL will motivate you (the participating students) in your own learning and provide opportunities for you to pursue your interests in power engineering as well as questions and make decisions about how you will find answers and solve the given problems.

Project Requirements

The project comprises the following parts:

a) Modeling of a transmission system network using any suitable software with at least able to compute load flow and short-circuit calculations;

b) Preparation of a base case in accordance with reliable references; For example R. D. Zimmerman,

c) Solving several project tasks;

d) Preparation and submission of a report describing items a), b) and c);

e) Individual presentation of the entire study

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